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CrossfireX score submit problem


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Hi guys


i have tested 3870 ddr4 +3870x2

and it was 3 GPU together


i have entered this result as 3x3870 and it was banned from moderators




what should i do?

i cant understand


3870 core ist the same in both of the VGA cards


it is really 3 pieces of RV670


maybe could hwbot update the list and allow me to enter 3870+3870X2 mod or something like that

sorry for my english

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yea ok but they are deactivating my results




why?whats wrong?


why must i enter 2X3870X2 to get my score allowed

it is not 2X3870X2 with 4 GPUs

these are 3XRV670


The rule is that you add it in the rank of the best performing single-card, in your case 3870x2. Why it was DELETED and not moved is a complete mystery;) Unless there was something missing in the screenshot, and you had no orb link.

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uhm 1xHD3870 en 1xHD3870X2 = 2xHD3870X2 category


im sorry to cut in on an old thread.... but i was considering adding a 4870x2 to my single 4870 therefore giving me a crossfirex setup ofo 3 gpu's


according to what your saying i would have to register the results from that as 2x 4870 x2's


taht would put me at as much as a 25% disadvantage.... that doesnt make much sense in the spirit of the whole competition here....


i mean i understand what you are trying to do, but it uts the people taht maybe ant pul off 2 x2's at a major disadvantage...


i want to compete like the rest.... but it seems like the only way to have a fair chance is to be limited to dual 4870's


i know it may be a lil more difficult to monitor.... but if were gonna have a competitive enviroment we need a way so everyone can compete on as level of a playingfield possible


for example.... imagine if drag racing you had the big block chevelles having to race with the top fuel guys just because NHRA didnt wanna set up a class for them..... your gonna lose alot of ability to compete

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Maybe it's possisble to create some categories for the most common lineups with different cards, like 4870x2 + 4870. Maybe 3870x2 + 3870 is a common combination as well. Dunno...


But if it isn't, then it's better to keep the rules like they are atm. If a score with a 4870 + 4870x2 is added to the 4870 category, MANY users will suffer from that. But if it's added to the 4870x2-category, only the ones with this combo will lose points. It's better that like 5 people have a disadvantage than about 90 (the number of 2x 4870-owners on HWBot).

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