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(FS) 4 B-die + 1 Micron E-Die kits


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Hi and welcome to my memory sales thread

All kits offered are working, I will not sell all of them but want to lower my stock. Some are brand new test kits I used, others are older stock, and as usual some are average and some are awesome^^ - for details refer to the description of each kit.


A1/A0 layout


  1. 2x8GB G.Skill Ripjaws V DDR4-3200 C15-15-15-35 1,35v

Manufacured July 2018, confirmed B-die which nowdays is not sure anymore when we already saw 3733 and 4000 kits using other ics. This kit was only tested once for 4133 c12 GB3 at 2.08v, no more tests done because it was used for a daily runner. With original packaging



20191022_152906dpk62.jpg3200c154133c12-12gb32wojqo.jpg 3200c15ripjaw42662185b5ksw.jpg

  1. 2x8GB Corsair Vengeance LPX Red DDR4-3733C17-19-19-39 1,35v 

This kit is from april 2018, confirmed B-die. I used it a while on Impact 8 for a surf system and now did a fast tests for oc which worked with 4133c12 GB3 and other benchmarks,. As said this bin does not guarantee Samsung B anymore, so if you search for these ICs, like #1 this is a good option to get quality mems at a decent price. In box with fan.



  1. 4x8GB G.Skill Trident Z Red DDR4-3866C18-19-19-39 1,35v

Genuine Quad kit, Age decembre 2017,  Confirmed B-die and best quad kit I owned up to date, tested in pairs on apex xi after sn (79/80 and 81/82 pairs) both worked from 4133 12-11 up to 4266 12-11 tight for including Geekbench 3, Cinebenches and so on, and this despite the fact my test-rig is a mess with rtls at 4266 and a1 mems, which makes the results even more impressive. Bulk


 20191022_152859rmk9f.jpg79-80413312-112.05vgb90kru.jpg  79-80420012-112.08vgbufj4c.jpg 3866quad8182426612-11h6kwt.jpg 79-80426612-112.15vgbgqkvh.jpg

  1. 2x8GB G.Skill Flare DDR4-3200 C14-14-14-34 1,35v

This kit is from May 2018, confirmed B-die. Originally intended for AMD, I only tested these on Z390, 4133c12 GB3 worked easily, I even was able to boot them at 4266 12-12 and run cinebench but this is not reliable imho, handling on Intel is quite hard at least for me. With original packaging


 20191022_152903ofkmz.jpg3200c14flare413312-12coksp.jpg 3200c14flare426612-12bpjtb.jpg

A2 Layout



  1. 2x8GB G.Skill Trident Z Neo DDR4-3200C14-14-14-34 1,35v

Practically new, manufactured October 2019, confirmed B-die. Used to see how the new Neo series does on Intel, and they did quite well. 4133 C12 and 4800C14, which is the stable limit for my combo, worked easily on Apex XI,  Should have headroom by voltage scaling so 4200+ and way more than 4800 will work. In box with sticker


 20191022_152917z5k7o.jpg 413312-12gb32.03vg8jn0.jpg  4800c14-132.05vgb3ugjia.jpg  480014-1432m205vcxkc7.jpg

6, 2x8GB G.Skill Trident Z Neo DDR4-3600 C16-16-16-36 1,35v

New from October 2019, confirmed B-die, Tested on Apex XI for 4133 C12-12 GB3 and 4800 C14-13 tight GB3 and Spi32m, there is still a lot of headroom on volts so this is for sure not the limit. In box with sticker


 20191022_152921dzjlz.jpg 4800c14-13204vgb3extrv3kqy.jpg 4800c14-13205vtight32abj7q.jpg 413312-12gb32.03vg8jn0.jpg

  1. 2x8GB G.Skill Trident Z RGB DDR4-3600C16-16-16-36 1,35v

Older stock from march 2017, B-die. Very strong kit which I tested a bit longer, easy 4133 12-11 GB3 and 32m, 4266 12-11 at usual 2t on my apex for a2 worked for several benchmarks and should be reliable for CBs and so on. 4800 C14-13 tight with lots of headroom, in fact this is one of the best rgb kits I ever had. With box and sticker


20191022_152926emjrj.jpg  3600gtzr4133c12-11gb3pkj7p.jpg  3600gtzr4133c12-11spi73k0z.jpg 3600gtzr4800c14-1332mgtkx8.jpg

  1. 2x8GB G.Skill Trident Z Silver/white DDR4-4500C19-19-19-39 1,45v

This was my reference kit for quite a while when I still tested more and had a better board/cpu combo. Manufactured January 2019, extremely strong kit that does 4133 12-11-11-28 1T tight for all benchmarks and also works up 4280 12-11 gb3 at apex 11 with the2t timings needed for a2 layout. 4800 14-13 easy, Once tested for 4850 14-13 Spi 32m and able to post and enter windows at 4933 but my imc cannot hold this. In box with sticker



  1. 2x8GB G.Skill Trident Z Black DDR4-4400 C19-19-19-39 1,40v

New from October 2019, like the kit above one of the extremely rare a2 non rgb kits. Excelent oc, the kit works at 4133 12-11 for all benchmarks, at 4266 12-11 it passes GB3 for me (usual 2t settings for a2 on apex xi). 4800 C14-13 1,99v gb3 and 2,02v 32m with tons of headroom, posts 4933 c14 but as mentioned, my imc does not scale anymore so I cannot test in windows- at 2,13v at least benchable voltage you can calculate options yourself^^. In box with sticker



10. 2x8GB Crucial BallistiX DDR4-3600 C16-18-18-38 1,35v (Micron E-Die)

Age week 10 2019, I checked ICs with Taiphoon and these are Micron E. Purchased to check the ic, those did quite well in my tests and did 4000 c15-18, 4266C16-19 and 4500 C17-20 GB3 and Spi 32m which is strong for Microns at 1,5v max. No validation tests, 4000 c18-19 worked at 1,35v btw, and they are famous for doing excellent on amd (the 5000 Corsairs use same ics). In original package

20191024_172531ngkq2.jpg 20191024_172526l9k1a.jpg

ballistix4266c16019153sjng.jpg ballstix4500c17-2115vyljep.jpg ballstix4500c18-2015v05kke.jpg

Prices (shipping not included)

  1. 115 Euros
  2. 140 Euros
  3. 400 Euros
  4. 150 Euros
  5. 200 Euros sold
  6. 200 Euros sold
  7. 300 Euros sold
  8. 380 Euros sold
  9. 380 Euros sold
  10. 125 Euros


The items are located in germany, shipping in eu will be around 15 Euros, for other locations this will get more expensive. Payment with paypal (buyer covers fees or gift payment). No returns, no warranty on this private sale.


P.S. Will show screens on request and also add some to the thread later








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