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minicoopers - Core i7 4770 @ 4281.6MHz - 4281.6 mhz CPU Frequency


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4 hours ago, Bonyus said:

how did I manage to overclock the processor without the "k" index, I have an i7-4770, and the Z87 motherboard / share a secret please)

"Boards such as the Z87X-OC have a special training procedure for the BCLK and it allows 110-114mhz on most every CPU, so you can do over 180mhz BCLK on air with these CPUs and boards.
Some boards won’t have this BCLK training and will be limited to 103mhz BCLK up and down, most mainstream boards for instance. They also won’t have the training procedure for when you set the BCLK.
For max bclk for 2d tests use bottom slot for discreet gpu. For 3d you will be limited
Use the last PCI-E slot on the Z87X-OC or any last slot which is directly hooked up to the PCH. You can find this slot as it will be a 4x PCI-E 2.0 slot, this slot’s PCI-E clock is always 100MHz while the other slots will go up with the BCLK/PCI-E clock you increase."

It is best to set the BCLK first and then change other settings such as memory
IDE mode, use it for your OS. Win XP/7 can 8/10 I'm not sure





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