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So If you are going to block 30 or so of my submissions a note to AS WHY hrs, days, maybe weeks of work is now worth nothing...I have given HWbot nothing but respect, I promote this site, I gather other people to join my team to make your site obviously have more people in it.... In my opinion this shows a COMPLETE LACK OF RESPECT!!

i have better things to do than cheat on a benchmark nor doI even know how to... im a hardware guy not a hacker...

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Well you have to ensure your screenshots are accordingly the standard benchmark and new 2020 rules. This moderation has nothing to do with lack of respect or as you stated in the PM allowing "my friends" to remain above you in the ranking. We just impose the same rules for everybody being it an elite bencher or a new rookie. It can be harsh at start but once you get the hang of it you will avoid these minor mistakes for sure. 

Take eg the 3Dmark06 one:  Reported for blocking benchmark settings and using an older CPUZ version.

Explenation: You blocked your subtest settings in the screenshot with the result, (even in the new updated CPUZ screenshot)  Score got flagged by another user/competitor for valid reason and we block and advise you what was wrong with it.

I even added a proper screenshot in the comments, showing you what is required for verification (and maybe overlooked), not much more I can do. 

Now in the future don't add a new screenshot by adding the correct CPU-Z versions. Then addition of a second screesnhot  with the subtests visible. No moderator will spot the  updates as we blocked it before for using an older version and missing settings.  By editing it will not pop up again on the frontpage (as the score was already there).  Just ask for a deletion of the old one next time and just resub it from scratch.


Hope it is clear now

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