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How to submit 5970x5850 CF?


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I just made my first submission, it has registered it as if I'm running with only one 5970.

I could not see how I was able to registre the 5850 in crossfire.

Is there any way to correct this?


Sorry if i am in the wrong place in forum, and sorry for my bad English :S

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You should use the category of the best card, and then count the number of cards you're using (1 5970 + 2 5850 = 3 cards), so pr def. you should set it to 3x 5970 - however such a combination doesn't exist, so the correct category is 2x 5970.


The engine doesn't work very well with this type of multi GPU setups, it's not an ideal solution - but it's better that a handful of submissions get less boints than a shitload get too little because of one of these setups :)

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@ tnc99

no atm there isn't any way

oups I did a mistake you have to submite atm under 3x 5870 not 5850, I did a wrong screenshot :D



The theory of submitting under the best card is well right for single GPU cards but not when there is a dual GPU.


As the 5970 is 2x a 5870 GPU (that means (2 x 5870 and 1 x 5850) which is 3x 5870.

so a 3x GPU result under the best GPU(not physical card for dual gpu card).

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