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i7-920D0 - 3.049sec wPrime run - but this doesn't seem right

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Benching today in -10 degrees C in the garage... I updated my Bios from F5 to F6 today on my Gigabyte board to see if this would help my voltage and Temps and especially my OVP/OTP issues that has been plagueing me... did a few 5.4-5.7sec runs in wprime....


on this run, my screen started to flicker on and off. and then I see this... I'm stunned... then I finally get 2 CPU-Z windows open and my PC was running awfull my mouse pointer was stuttering bad and it took nearly 2 minutes just to get the 2 cpu-z windows open and in place... then it seemed like my PC crashed so I grabbed my camera and took a shot of the monitor


then after another 5-10 minutes I finally was able to take screenshot


Thoughts? this is bugging me. imo I hit an odd bug but I have no idea how the hell I did it.


Can I use this for a submission?


OS is Win7-32bit installed...

MB is a Gigabyte GA-X58A-UD5 (v1.0) with F6 Bios.



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Yeah, it's bugged ;) No point in submitting it cause it'll just get reported and pulled off, and make you look bad :(


I'm getting that impression. one of my team-mates also suggested that I not post this as well.


but I am dissapointed that a mod couldn't answer the reason this glitch had happenned.


what if other 920's "glitched" but on the low end of things so they seem accurate enough and aren't? just my initial thought upon seeing this happen to me.


only difference for them it's still within "acceptable" range so they get the points for it and I don't. Granted I acknowledge that in my case here it is excessive.



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