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Career/Season Points Recalculation Request

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I think my points may need to be recalculated and it appears the button is disabled temporarily in our profiles.

I may not be adding it up correctly, tried to self educate but there are a lot of posts out there.  Please correct me if I am wrong but I think that my season points are supposed to be (Top 10 Comp Points + Top 15 Global Points + Top 30 Hardware Points) = Season 2020 Points.  So for me that should be (0+39.6+85.2)= 124.8, but at the moment my points are 19.6 for the season.  My career points have a similar issue I think, sitting at 19.6 but the Top 30 global points + top 60 hardware points = 154.9.

Or am I way off in how it is calculated?

Also sounds like from one post I found that it may be out of order due to a bug for a bit, if that's the case is there an update on when it might be restored?  Not pressuring the dev, just curious!  

Thank you!



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