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Amd Gpu Tool Ver 0.7


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Hello, I am looking for and can't find an older version of the Amd Gpu Tool version 0.7


My issue is with a HD 2600XT Gddr4 Pcie version card that hits a wall at 857Mhz on the gpu, I have heard that the Amd tool can bypass the limit in the bios.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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6 hours ago, Strunkenbold said:

I think there was a similar issue on 3850 and I simply solved it by flashing an already unlocked GPU bios. Dont know how the situation is with 2600XT though.

I tried flashing with 6 other bios's and all still hit the 857 wall, also tried removing the limits with RBE all with no luck.

Another weird thing I found is going past 857 in a larger chunk of 43Mhz the gpu will default to 33Mhz and again take input up to 857, kind of like a round robin scenario.

Thanks for the tip, maybe someone will post a modded bios that will work.

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4 hours ago, 4n0nym0u5b3nch3r said:

I have AMDGPUTool if you want OP

Thanks for the offer although from what I have read is that version 0.7 has coding that will allow the clocks past 857, the newer versions have had the coding removed, at least for this particular gpu.

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