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9900k (R0) and wprime 1024


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I would like to ask if there is a difference amonge 9900k P0 and R0 in performance.

I trying to bench wprime1024 with 9900k @ 5.6 and get at best 63sec...

I can see at submissions many scores at 5.45-5.6GHz that get scores ~57sec and all are P0's

With 7350k @5.6 I get 3.48s -> 57s if it was 8c

With 7700k@5.6 I get 1.55s -> 57.5s if it was 8c 

So the OS I bench is not the problem I believe

No difference in goupi1B or CBr15 but huge difference in wprime.

I use win7 64bit, diagnostic mode, no GUI, best performance, kill explorer but no luck.

Do you have any idea? Same scores in win10 also



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