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  1. Cpu rocks, can boot till 5725MHz from bios under cascade with one stick and 5/8 divider!
  2. Thanks mate, cpu can run ~ 5.6+, so 18mXXsec is possible, also this y-cruncher 1B, was last run after 5+hrs benching all those time consuming benches, so didnt had stamina to try other strap or mem timings. To be honest all benches done with 2x4GB Corsair Vengeance 1600c7 kit, was so tired to change to 2x2GB Corsair Dominator 2000c8 for better efficiency at the rest (Geek3,x265 4k,CBr20,gpupi 1b)
  3. Hi, looking for a fully working 2x2GB kit either Corsair Dominator GT 1866C7 or 2000C8 ver2.1 Thanks a lot
  4. Everything found Thanks a lot
  5. Thanks mate,it can be improved, I have to flash newer bios, to have better memory score and 1T.
  6. Looking for an accurate K-type probe for my Cascade Also looking for an Xeon L3014 EU only Thanks
  7. Seems a very good chip, board also, that is true. I dont like LN2, I believe after 1-2 weeks, I will bench properly with the Cascade.Its very hot these days (~40C) and and we expect 43C next week!
  8. Ευχαριστώ Γιώργο, με τον 7350Κ@ 6.1GHz 1.7v , idle παίζει -104C και load -100C το 2ο στάδιο. Το 1o στάδιο με 29-30C θερμοκρασία χώρου κρατάει -42C,πριν καμιά βδομάδα που είχα 25-26C έπαιζε -46C. Μόνο του με σβηστό το 2ο σταδιο κατεβάζει -50C
  9. ASUS APEX IX, Gskill TridentZ 3000c15. No test on water, only on SS, could do 5.75GHz 32M
  10. Nice cpu,can bench 640MHz @ 2.4v, main issue is condensation due to the nature of Slot1
  11. Thanks mate, was really hard, seems a perfect run with the proper wazza size
  12. Its the next big step, it was fun and challenging to reach 1st in apprentice leage , but its more fun to build advanced cooling units, so if I have to change league , no problem at all!
  13. Thanks mate Can boot at 800MHz but this mini SS its not enough! I hope to finish soon my cascade! I Receive today the BF6 and have to study her!
  14. Its more fun legacy benching (for me)! 2.8v mod is very easy instead of 2.4v mod, thats why I use it. I can confirm that no Pentium II/III was harmed during those bench session
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