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  1. Bump price drop
  2. For sale Rampage 3 Extreme, one day not booted, stuck on red cpu led, boxed with most accessories Maximus VIII Hero, one day not booted, stuck on 7F code, boxed with all accessories For parts or repairing 100€ together
  3. For sale, having already another set of these 3 so someone may want them Rampage Extreme Maximus II Formula EP45-UD3P (+ Q6600,E8600,E2160 as socket protectors) Only as a bundle 260€ plus shipping
  4. Last submission with Single Stage...it was a good journey!
  5. Yes its true George, rotary are the only way for a really strong SS, but also a 3/8hp can do well for such loads. Perhaps this is one of my last SS submissions, I am in progress building a new Cascade , hoping -100C range soon!
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