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  1. Ευχαριστώ Γιώργο, με τον 7350Κ@ 6.1GHz 1.7v , idle παίζει -104C και load -100C το 2ο στάδιο. Το 1o στάδιο με 29-30C θερμοκρασία χώρου κρατάει -42C,πριν καμιά βδομάδα που είχα 25-26C έπαιζε -46C. Μόνο του με σβηστό το 2ο σταδιο κατεβάζει -50C
  2. ASUS APEX IX, Gskill TridentZ 3000c15. No test on water, only on SS, could do 5.75GHz 32M
  3. Nice cpu,can bench 640MHz @ 2.4v, main issue is condensation due to the nature of Slot1
  4. Thanks mate, was really hard, seems a perfect run with the proper wazza size
  5. Its the next big step, it was fun and challenging to reach 1st in apprentice leage , but its more fun to build advanced cooling units, so if I have to change league , no problem at all!
  6. Thanks mate Can boot at 800MHz but this mini SS its not enough! I hope to finish soon my cascade! I Receive today the BF6 and have to study her!
  7. Its more fun legacy benching (for me)! 2.8v mod is very easy instead of 2.4v mod, thats why I use it. I can confirm that no Pentium II/III was harmed during those bench session
  8. Hi I would like to buy socket 5/7 cpus, like Pentium,Pentium MMX, Cyrix/IBM 6x86,AMD K6,AMD K6-2,AMD K6-3 etc Pm with offers Thanks a lot Nikiforos
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