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  1. Looking also for an i7 2600k Thanks
  2. I am looking fon an ASUS M9A boxed Also an i7 2600k capable of ~5.6 under SS/Dice If you have one pm me Thanks
  3. Still testing with daily OS from Z390 and 39C ambient temp(my SS suffers i think, high discharge pressure, -37 idle/ -34 load)
  4. Just receive them Nice and secure packaging, thanks!
  5. Does anyone has a picture of the OVP mod for the X1950 GT/Pro? Thanks in Advance
  6. I tried it and no higher Frequency unfortunately, but the only gain is from closing HT at about 5s090ms at same speed(5.0GHz).I had a very frosty socket so didn't save that. https://hwbot.org/submission/4508248_obijuan83_cpu_frequency_core_i7_950_5003.17_mhz
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