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  1. Is there any way cpu-z to report the right multi to show the right cpu frequency?
  2. I have an Maximus VIII Hero s1151 and get 7F error. Anyone familiar with that Q-code error? Did bios update with usb stick, tried several cpus ,gpus and ram sticks nothing. No bent pins in socket. Thanks in advance
  3. Hi mate , is Z170x-soc Force with Core i3-6100 still available?
  4. Which new rules? (Sorry for offtopic)
  5. With a random cpu revisited Q6600 14 years later with strong SS and DDR3
  6. Q6600 revisited 14 years later with strong SS, DDR3 and a random cpu
  7. Q6600 revisited 14 years later with a strong SS and a random cpu
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