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Question with a submision 6800LE or 6800GS

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Ok, I have this Leadtek WinFast PX6800 TDH I think I remember buying an LE


Ok, But when I run GPU-Z I get this


This is a validation after some OC'ing (Using EVGA Precision v3.. funny eh.)



The GPU comes up as a NV41... and on HWBot an NV41 is an 6800GS.... Not an LE....


I originally posted up my scores on HWBOT as an LE... but then realized the NV41 so I moved them.... But my clocks/scores are no where near what the GS guys are getting, But I was in the low end ball park of the LE guys.....


So I am confused as to what I should do..... Put them back as LE or keep them as GS?


I did more searching....


LE Clocks are 300/700

GS Clocks are 425/1000


I have stock 325/300... much lower than both.... but it OC's well....


Also my card looked like the one from the LE not the GS (I just found some pics)


This is what mine looked like (LE)



Not this (GS)



Unfotunatly I can't find the HS to prove it (I changed it to an heavily Modified NV5 GPU Cooler). But the caps arrangement and "Made it Taiwan" text on the LE are the same as my card.... and I don't have that plug that the GS has....


Any help would be great....



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As I understand it, at least on the AGP side, many of the 6800 series cards were locked down versions of each other-- with soft-mods, you could unlock a 6800LE to run like a slow 6800 or even a slow 6800GT. Not sure about the PCI-E side, by the time I switched, the card I wanted was a fanless 7600GS.

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Stock settings on mine is 325/300..... But I was able to OC the poop out of it... So I dunno..... It's a leadtek... the NV5 cooler I bought for it was suppose to fit LE/GS/GT's .... but I had to modify the hell out of it just to put it on the card let alone fitting the card back in the case.... ppl I know have had issues as well with other leadtek products.... this was my first and last all at the same time.......



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