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Submission refused, but I can't see a solution, need some advice

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I got the following message from a moderator what should I do. The Frequency according to CPU-Z is 5.1 GHZ



An HWBOT moderator, "leeghoofd", has blocked one of your submitted scores. It has marked one of your submissions as 'impossible score at given settings, possible bug or other'.

This was the reason the user gave:

score pulled till further proof is given


You can view your result here:

If you have questions, drop a message at the forums.

Yours sincerely,
the hwbot.org team

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My score is coherent with that old one running also at 5.1 GHZ the difference in speed is explained by Intel security updates which have slow down the sky lake-x and cascade lake -x. I don't see any issue.



What's going on here?


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  • Crew

Comment was below your until now removed score



If you submit via registered version you can save the score (it will generate a data file so you can up the score to the geekbench website) 

If you are not using a registered version I need to have the complete url of your score, so we can check the subtests.


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