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Alpi - Ryzen 7 3800X @ 4686.7MHz - 8min 10sec 887ms SuperPi - 32M with BenchMate


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Thx ! It was the max. measured, benchmark running somewhere 4,550 - 4,600 most of the time. Shows how "bad" is Prec.Boost. :) I think it's very underestimated and usually hated by most of the Zen owners but no one really knows it. Unfortunatelly it isn't any common that bioses let You really customize the algorythm for Your actual cpu and I can accept if it becames unwanted pretty fast. A badly working pbo isn't too nice, not a question.  I am lucky with this board, Asus made brilliant work on every bios with every new Agesa. It becames always significantly better. Fortuantelly for a while, scheduler can handle quite well too. I am very satisfied with this rig all the time, really love it, performance is so good. Won't be a top submission but I want to show my liking to see this ! Not to mention the basic fact how insane to see a "low clock" 5 Ghz spi32 comp on Am4 ! :) Respect to all who involved reaching these moments and to Dancop for this comp. ! ;) 

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