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  1. lol, this is not AMD CPU, so u can not join to AMD Superpi32M challenge :)
  2. wow, awesome. What a nice BIOS version with unlocked voltage :) Need it :D
  3. Yes, very good chip and good score. Propably best Alder Lake model for users (good for gaming, good performance for multithread, solid power consumption, no overpriced)
  4. Very good, local motivation music for it :D https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ve3obsNRjp8
  5. killing score on Ryzen 9. I missed this results and maybe more people?
  6. wow, nice moding of CPU BOX AMD Warith as output fan :D Nice one!
  7. Thank you, only u have one wrong message BIOS flashback "Rename your File to M13A.CAP before flashing." Propably not, right?:D
  8. And also u put score to the wrong category "Intel Core i9 12900K (8P)" (8P means 8 performance core and disabled E cores). Right one is "Intel Core i9 12900K"
  9. rebenhc it, cause on the validatiuon screen is missing CPUZ with memory timings
  10. good! Btw, will be new subthread in the forumfor ALderLake and Raptor Lake (new section, not the same as for Kabylake to Rocketlake)?
  11. nice, finally someone show limits of 32M with new Alderlake. Not so bad (but seems, Rocket is unbeatable for now in Superpi)
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