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HWBOT goes Patreon in 2021


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HWBOT goes Patreon. Those that regularly visit the HWBOT community forum or for those that are on the LN2 Haven Discord channel are already aware that Der8auer has announced that HWBOT now has its own Patreon Page.


HWBOT is going through some major changes and 2021 will be a transition year to a non buggy, more responsive and easier to understand website, entirely dedicated to our passion; Overclocking. This ofcourse goes along with extra development costs on top of the monthly Amazon server hosting fee. Therefore you can voluntarily become a HWBOT Patron, just to give us that extra push to move forward.


You can find more info on how to become a Patron at the HWBOT Patreon page


To reward those that support HWBOT by being a Patron, it has already been decided to host an exclusive Patron Member Competition with prizes. Competition specifics on the date and such have not been decided yet, but we are aiming around October/November. You only need to be a Basic Rate Patron Supporter for at least 6 months to be eligible to participate in this exclusive competition.


To avoid any confusion, donating does not provide you extra HWBOT Boints, additional decision rights, shares nor other extras at the HWBOT site.

Remember that HWBOT will remain a free to use website. So it is entirely up to you, to decide to step into this Patreon Project and to help us cover the extra development costs we are currently facing. Now if you can't spare the money or you just simply don't want to donate, you all will still be welcome to submit your overclocking scores and to engage on the Community Forum. Those that donate, thank you for your support, it is highly appreciated!


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