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joverclocking - A6-6400K @ 6803.7MHz - 6803.68 mhz CPU Frequency


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2 hours ago, unityofsaints said:

Even that shouldn't crack, what were the sympthoms you saw?

I heard like 2 or 3 popping sounds over the course of 30 seconds or so, kinda like the pop from a fire but not as loud or harsh/ sharp. It was less stable and didn't like higher clocks short after that, although monitoring software didn't see the cpu core go above 0c when it made those noises. This was all not long before I ran out of ln2, so the instability didn't disappear for the rest of the run. 

I got one of the sounds that I thought was a crack on video, not on purpose though. The sound is 7 secs into the attached video, just after pouring the nitrogen.

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