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    hwbot "classic" rev8

    Some people think it's a variety of hardware, some people want WRs to be rewarded more - to keep everyone reasonably happy we compromise. Even worse, how can we ensure a particular validation file / screenshot was produced in that year? Someone can just rattle off 20 results in one benchsession and sub them year after year... This might be news to some of you but elites and extremes don't use LN2 all the time, how would you handle H2O subs produced by people with LN2 capability? Just disable points completely? LN2 is expensive, I don't want to be forced to use it for all my results. and we appreciate you trying again! It's a good concept 👍 What's up man, don't you have time to make 60 subs in one year? Tell Asrock to send you some beer for motivation or something
  2. Bugged GT1, several 100 fps higher than everyone else here
  3. I'm glad the poll is getting closer to 50 / 50. With no "other" option, the only fair outcome is an inconclusive one imo.
  4. Yes. There are other competitions like Divisions - those have only points as their payoff, unlike TC/CC.
  5. Curious that the current setting of 40 isn't an option 🤔
  6. It only took every single 3D record on the 1080ti. But yeah, it's clearly worse than the other boards...
  7. unityofsaints

    MARS/2DI/4GD3 is a GTX295 or not?

    I know that was the outcome of the discussion since this is how the rankings look now but I'm just interested to hear the arguments made in favour of this idea at the time
  8. It's not possible. There is no mod for Z170/Z270 chips inside Z370/Z390 boards (yet?) but there is a mod for the other way around.
  9. unityofsaints

    8700k - the best I saw so far on water, decent on LN2

    Kinds don't come cheap these days
  10. unityofsaints

    MARS/2DI/4GD3 is a GTX295 or not?

    That link is dead now, can anyone remember what was said and summarise? Imo the Mars is a completely different GPU to the 295X2.
  11. That's why you benched Time Spy on it for CC, amirite?
  12. Why are you not considering the APEX? Are you planning to bench Kaby-X or Sky-X? Different boards are best for both platforms.
  13. unityofsaints

    hwbot "classic" rev8

    Can we deduce from the hwbot.org going down that the changes are going live as outlined in this thread?
  14. unityofsaints

    Show your rigs!

    Nice post but wrong thread because this subforum is for the X58A-OC board only
  15. unityofsaints

    HWBOT does not work?

    For much longer, even when Europe was asleep it was already down. Maybe 12 - 18 hrs by now?
  16. unityofsaints

    [SOLD] HD5850

  17. unityofsaints

    Looking for a z87/z97 Board

    I've got a spare Gene VII
  18. unityofsaints

    FS 9900K Tray 6800 R15 700€ + delivery

    Missing one 'L' in your name or no relation?
  19. unityofsaints

    hwbot "classic" rev8

    This is benchmark-dependent, '03 for example has a cap of 67.3
  20. unityofsaints

    Bricked Evbot

    What fixed it? I am having a similar problem.