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  1. Overclocking isn't dying. There are more overclocking streamers than ever and more mention of LN2 overclocking on the big tech Youtube channels than ever. Just look at the 9900KS - it's a reaction to everyone chasing every last frame. True. Celeron 300A overclocked to 1 GHz won't happen anymore, the manufacturers have wizened up to that and it's leaving too much $$ on the table. Overall I think some people on here have rose tinted glasses on but that's fine, we all do that 🙂
  2. HWPts and comp standings are a bit different. I haven't come across a bugged HWPts ranking yet that couldn't be fixed by recalculate - the issue is finding which ones are bugged. Accountwide recalculate would help with that, since it recalculates all hwpts for that user.
  3. A few weeks ago I lost about 400 HWpts in one shot. As it's unlikely someone beat that many scores in one go and I heard other people complain about this) I strongly suspect this is the dreaded hwpts rankings bug (more details here). It as been ongoing for months and hwbot is famously short on developers, would reallowing accountwide recalculate until this has been fixed by a reasonable workaround? Currently it's disabled: In the absence of a code fix I see this as the only reasonable solution as looking through 1,100+ submissions is not an option...
  4. There are plenty of native quad Denebs. Why complicate things with unlocking? Hard to know what's actually being run with CPU-Z name mangling...
  5. It depends on how patriotic you are but changing the country setting on HWBot for the duration of the competition is allowed. That way you could compete fully instead of trying to solo this thing.
  6. How about we fix the broken comp pts system as first suggested (and polled) almost 1 year ago now? Kinda weird having benching done in 2019 counting towards 2020 only.
  7. I feel partly responsible by requesting a complex anniversary edition Country Cup that ended up being a headache for the mods. I am sorry Alby! Next year I will shut up Thank you so much for everything you do for this community!
  8. Second time you mean https://hwbot.org/submission/4190345_tsaik_memory_frequency_ddr4_sdram_2887.1_mhz
  9. This is nothing new, issue already tracked here: https://github.com/COLARDYNIT/hwbot-issues/issues/55 Please comment on that to raise awareness / urgency.
  10. A couple of the stages seem to have changed from 4 to 6 subs as well, is that intentional?
  11. @Leeghoofd The competition pages currently up match this thread except they have a GPUpi v3.3 stage instead of YCruncher, is this intentional?
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