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  1. Has anyone tried 3 and 4-way GPUs with Coffee Lake and the MIXA? With the MXIA and Dark not having 4 slotsI fear options for 4-way on high-clocking CPUs are disappearing fast. The situation is probably even worse when XP support is required.
  2. unityofsaints

    ridibeatz - Ryzen 5 1600 @ 3.9MHz - 2881 cb Cinebench - R15

    Invalid screenshot as well
  3. Yes but 4 dimm slots and 0 LN2 results on HWBot...
  4. By "Extreme", ASUS means extreme watercooling, It's been that way since at least the IX. The VIII wasn't the best board for that socket but a least there was some LN2 benching at the time.
  5. It was also not planned for X but those plans... changed
  6. unityofsaints

    [FS] 9900k - 6.9g R15, X99 soc champ, two 5960x

    5960X doesn't go for that price anymore, especially unbinned
  7. unityofsaints

    HWBOT Rev8 going live now.

    Googling "780ti HWBot" works better. Kind of a sad state of affairs
  8. Freezes over pretty quickly, obviously the pic is after pulling up. Just testing clocks, will insulate before going cold again.
  9. unityofsaints

    Bloomfield on LN2

    Hi, I have about 20 Bloomfield chips to bin through and have tried one on LN2 but the results were not promising: Windows boot only around -65 or warmer, best stability around -80 and complete CB around -105. Is this typical? Gulftown is easier, there are many more resources online about CB/CBB behaviour and my 980X chip followed those descriptions pretty well. Bloomfield on the other hand has much less stuff online. Is there a CB killer minor voltage or is binning for a chip with the coldest CB most important? I tried on the UD9 but also own a RIIIF and RIIIE.
  10. You have it the wrong way around - the vast majority is on Windows 10 because Microsoft baited / deceived / forced users into upgrading to it and imposed the artificial limitation of DirectX 12 only on Windows 10. If it was a practical option I'd run 7 or 8.1 on my daily but Microsoft made sure that it isn't. If anything, the O.C. community is a purer reflection of what people actually want than everyone else. Don't worry, 10 being a "perpetual O.S." means this same conversation will come up in 5 or 10 years' time - but this time we'll be talking about how requiring Windows 10 build 1703 over build 9999 is turning noobies off, making it even more frustrating and confusing.
  11. That NVOC utility looks interesting, do you have a source for that?
  12. Hi, I recently did a search for the oldest SP32M hardware golds. One that came up was OnePageBook's X6800 run. Great, I thought, let's try to beat a 12 year old record. When I researched it a little more, I came across this newspost. This brought up a couple of questions in my mind: i If OPB was a notorious cheater, is his 32M run also cheated and therefore possibly unbeatable? In general, should members banned for life because of cheating have all their results purged? I am not sure about 2). On the one hand it's very time-consuming to analyse potentially hundreds of submissions to check whether they are cheated, on the other hand you run the risk of purging legitimate historical records if you simply purge all of them without checking. I'd like to hear other people's opinions on this topic. Edit: relevant XS thread: http://www.xtremesystems.org/forums/showthread.php?227198-Onepagebook-Lifetime-Ban-at-HWbot/
  13. Hi, Coolaler's 7sec 450ms is listed first: But actually there is a faster 7sec 440ms that is getting no point right now: https://hwbot.org/submission/771553_no_name_superpi___1m_core_2_extreme_qx9650_7sec_440ms The "recalculate ranking" button does nothing, can this be fixed? Thx
  14. PM'd about the cards
  15. Subs with points disabled ordinarily still show up in the rankings, e.g. https://hwbot.org/submission/2627043_dinos22_superpi___32m_pentium_g3258_4min_49sec_344ms
  16. Can the screenshot from the linked thread be edited in here?
  17. unityofsaints

    Maximus VII Impact

    That's a waste of a good benching board 😆
  18. unityofsaints


    these things are very hard to find You may have to settle for something similar like T-Rex...