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  1. Is it intended that GPUpi for CPU v3.3 gets 0 HWPts now? I thought the intention was to keep it and eventually merge it with 4.0 once that's out.
  2. Found YoungPro's 734 FSB: http://www.xtremesystems.org/forums/showthread.php?197125-Team-AU-condsolidates-with-4-World-Records&p=3187312&viewfull=1#post3187312 I know in the past Massman added scores that happened before HWBot existed retroacticvely to the DB wtih pts disabled, is that still something that is allowed / encouraged? I think it would be nice to have because, even 12+ years later this is in the #3 spot. This is just one example of course, I'm sure there are many more great scores lurking.
  3. Yes, sure, TeamAU have done a once-off session in the past too but that's for 1 or 2 benches max. before you run out of juice. HWBot rankings are made up of 60 hwpts subs and 30 global so it's only really when particular accounts do LHe subs every single generation that it turns into a competitive issue imo.
  4. I think a good middle ground would be disabling points by default on LHe subs - clearly no private individual who benches can afford that.
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