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The official Challenger 2021 Div III round 1 - 6 cores only thread.


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I swear a different Challenger Graphic was listed a couple days before the competition started, I never looked to see that it had changed ... so I get no scores due to not having the right Challenger Graphic? What does that have to do with my score? Wouldn't it still be legit? Waited 9 months for a competition to enter and get a fat Zero. Ask a stupid question ....

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Eternal debate with each competition: You are not new here and have participated in several competitions before. A specific background is used for each round of the Challengers. Pro OC, Team Cup and Country Cup have their own competition graphics.

The Official to use background link is only revealed on the day the competition starts, otherwise people would already start benching days ahead.

The to be used artwork is also listed at the specific forum thread (check date 15/02)

If you still use a competition background from a previous compo, which was in fact labelled as Round3 and you participate in Round1 it should trigger something right


It might be stupid, but it is what it is. If they ask you to use tire brand A and you drive and race with tire brand B, your lap times will also not be taken into account for that competition.  





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