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TheRealKiwi - Radeon X1950 GT AGP @ 601/749MHz - 23248 marks 3DMark2001 SE


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Game 1 suffers a lot with ATI drivers?!, first tested a 7600GS (only DDR2, driver 163.75) and results in 280 / 94 FPS. Game 2/3 was qual to X1950, but Game 4 with X1950 much more. While checked out max Board FSB i messed up my winXP, needs to reinstall and change VGA-card to X1950, its clean nothing old from nvidia drivers. Catalyst 10.2 was boring, Omega too (only 200FPS in Game 4), 9.X would not be installed.
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Yes, even stock 7800GS+ scored 100fps at CL and CPU @ 2500. 107+ fps with CPU @ 2750.

You can try 7.11 and 8.4/8.5 drivers with the 1950X. Nothing would come close to 3850's Nature performance though.

I guess you use specific test order and setlod?

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i tried Car and Nature separately for testing, but for Score no test ordner, run alle tests in one try and i dont setlod.

i made some testes (all with CPU 215x12 and RAM 1:1 CL2-2-2-4, X1950 GT about 600/720MHz)

Cat 7.7 works fine in CarChase (no drops) Car Low/High 271/95 FPS but in Nature only 180 FPS
Cat 7.11/7.12 dont let me start the bench (3Dmark error about 3DDERR_INVALIDCALL)
Omega 4.8 Car Low/High + Nature 248/92/227 (i forgot to remember about drops, Nature low performance)
Cat 8.5 Car Low/High + Nature 234/84/235 (with drops in High, Nature low performance)
Cat 8.12 Car Low/High + Nature 242/84/320 (with drops in High, Nature good performance)
Cat 9.4/9.10/9.12 was not installed correctly (found false hardware or OS or something else)
Cat 10.2 Car Low/High + Nature 239/83/233 (with drops in High, Nature low performance)

Then testet an X1050 stock and noticed drops too (i think it was with Cat 8.5).

Then testet the 7600GS from above again (only DDR2, driver 163.75 about 470/470MHz) Car Low/High easy first try 287/94 FPS and no drops

so Cat 7.7 is not as good as nvidia driver in CarChase but close to it.
Tried change all settings in CCC to Performance but no difference

somebody know why nature is so much different?

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