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Noob going from z97 to z590. I'm looking to better understand my bioses and their settings.


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Hello, I like to tinker and just like with my trucks, cars & biked.. I like to get the most reliable performance out of em. I recently switched platforms from having an asrock z87 killer and an asus z97 pro-gamer with a pentium g-3258, i5 4670k & an i7 4790k. I always ran into non thermal related limits with those and never knew why. I now have an 11700k with an ASUS ROG Strix Z590-A Gaming WiFi, 16GB ddr4-3600 Crucial cl-16, corsair HX-750 and a Noctua U12A air cooler.

   I have A LOT to learn. Currently I havent had time to study/tinker so it has it's ai overclocking doing things for me. It has been at a stable 5.3x3 core and 5.2 all-core. It seems to want scry-to-me high voltages, like 1.6+vcore. I would like a 5.2 all-core oc with more reasonable voltages. But again I have much to learn. For example, what would the specific core settings be usefull for as apposed to the per-core.. and many other questions. Could someone point me in the right direction to find articles explaining all the bios settings, and where to look to understand the changes since haswell... or even going back to core2 duo's... The core2 duo/quad is actually the last gen where I had a good understanding of ALL the bios settings.

  In short, I am a self-taught noob. Been tinkering on my own for years; the z590's bios is vast. I want to learn it well and would appreciate any help; especially where to go to read and learn; understand this vast BIOS I now have. Thank you all!!

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