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espo_sun - Ryzen 7 5800X @ 5000.2MHz - 5min 40sec 50ms SuperPi - 32M with BenchMate


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Sorry, but I don't think this score is eligible for the competition.

The bclk is clearly altered. The version of BenchMate used is not showing Max Effective Clock for some reason.

If you load Windows at e.g. 100MHz bclk, open BenchMate and then increase bclk, the "Max Core Frequency" does not pick up this, but "Max Effective Clock" does. FCLK, UCLK and MCLK are read from SMU power table and they are always reported on 100MHz-base, regardless of blck set in bios or in Windows. CPUZ clearly shows the increased bclk, also one of the timers is skewed.

I have made a similar test on whatever Windows install I had on the SSD and got 2nd place easily with a single run.

Boot bclk is 100.0625, then increased to 100.63 in Windows.


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