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hum finally seems RDRam is not really faster than SDRam, quite but not as much :(


Useless for bench, but I can build a funny server :D



I know that you will for sure read this thread, can you add this board please :


XU800 from HP:





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Press the key marked "interrupt", break (or something similar. I suppose you have a french keyboard for that thing?) + the "A" key.That gives you access to the ROM. Hopefully it is not locked/password protected. If it is you will have to figure out how to bypass that. Once you have full access you can boot whever device you want. Do some googling for a guide how to install Linux on a SPARC system and you'll figure out what to do :-)

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thx for the hint, I will check what you said. Yes I have the pause/break button.


Yes linux for sure, but if I want to bench, I need windows NT.

Afaik it's impossible to install windows XP on it


No Microsoft OS support any of the SPARC (sub)architectures. You will have use some sort of emulation if you want to run win32 applications. Linux might not be the best choice either support for SPARC proabably isn't very good these days (Linux has very good documentation though. That is why I mentioned it :-).



If you want to do some bencharking on a cool non-x86 architecture you should buy an early Alpha system. Windows NT 4.0 has support for Alpha and DEC made an emulator called FX!32 that will allow you to run win32 applications. :-) Hopefully at least one or two benchmarks will work on the Alpha.

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Here are the pics, as I took big pics, I will only link them and not put them here, cause 18MB to load is much(here for me :D).






With the LCD Poster




btw you can diagnose the board from the LCD Poster using buttons.




I put only one CPU here, cause I don't remember where I let the VRM module for the second CPU




So I fit the ''.......'' on the second CPU Slot






Last pic showing the board with the RDram Expander:




Btw I have a score better of 13s under SuperPi than on my SDRam setup, but it's still slower than with Overclocking, so it's useful only if you plan to get good scores without OC, or if you find a board that can be OC with Rambus on Slot 1.

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