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Challenger 2022 Div I Round 1 - XTU 2.0 Question


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Hello people :)

I want to ask a fast question about is it possible to re-submit a result or kinda editing it or so?

I have submitted a result first with all P and E cores active, but then I disabled the E cores and made a bench/result only with P cores which seems is better as a final result. Tried to submit it, but after that my previous result/score didn't change and stayed the same. I guess a score with all P and E cores working is divided by 16 in the end to get a final score for the challenge so with E cores disabled the bench result should be divided by 8 I am guessing? Or am I wrong with something?

Maybe it is calculating by some other way if/when I submitted my second result with only P cores active it did not replaced my first submitting with all P and E cores active?

Any help with some info about this will be much appreciated! 

P.S. I am using a 12900K CPU.



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