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Wrong GPU detected when uploading score file for Heaven


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Hey, so I just did a run of Unigine Heaven on my 12600K + 5600 XT system in hopes of hitting the podium for my GPU and discovered something interesting. When I go to submit the run, the hwbot file detects that I ran the benchmark on the UHD 770 integrated GPU. However, I very clearly ran the bench on my dedicated RX 5600 XT (which both of my monitors are attached to), and the score of 5361 reflects as much. I can't change the listed card to my 5600 XT, and it would be wrong to submit the run under UHD 770. I would prefer to avoid re-running the bench with the iGPU disabled if possible as I'm not totally sure what I did to manage this score, and it would not likely be possible to replicate if the cause is what I believe it is. Images attached, showing the run was clearly on my dedicated GPU and not the iGPU:




The run file is attached here if that's helpful to anyone https://drive.google.com/file/d/1JHMXffielLtkbhBFOW36kgdhw6PbrOi_/view?usp=sharing


Any indication of how I can upload this run in the correct leaderboard is appreciated.

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