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How to View Only "Global Points" in HOF?


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Hey Guys,


As always, I have a silly question. So here is the deal. When you look at the HOF for any benchmark, it shows the Total Points (Global Points + Hardware Points).


Right now, I am way over my max points from Hardware Points, which I believe is capped at 300 Points.


So at this point, for me to increase my Global Ranking, I need more "Global Points".


Is there a way to look at the HOF and show only Global Points? This way I can easily gauge the amount of points I would get for getting a certain HOF Ranking.


Right now if I see a "50 Points" for ranking of XX. It is really only worth like 42 points to my ranking, since the other 8 points does not count.


I am hoping there is a little filter that I was not aware of :)


Thanks again for you time.


- Ton

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