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Unity's Perpetual FS Thread- CPUs and RAM pots


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5 years into my XOC "career" it's time for a bit of a clearout. Shipping from Australia so quite slow but actually reasonably priced if you're prepared to wait, small things like packs of CPUs for example cost 17 euro / USD. I will continue to add items to this thread and upload relevant pics within 24 hrs but here are the first few lots to get things started:

  1. LGA1155 locked CPU pack. At least G1610 + G3240 + G460 + G470 + i3 2120 + i3 3220 (not 100% sure this one's alive, will edit once tested) + i5 2400 + i5 3470 but can throw in up to an extra 6 G470s if the buyer buyer has a use for them. Pasted chips are all delidded. Price: make an offer.
  1. LGA2011 locked CPU pack. At least E5 2680 + i5 3820, can throw in a presumed dead ES Xeon as well and have another dig around for more chips. Price: make an offer.
  2. LGA1366 locked CPU pack. Xeon X5675, Xeon W3550, Xeon W3520, Xeon E5606, Xeon E5620. Bought for TC2019 Dogpile stage, no longer needed. Price: make an offer.
  3. LGA1156 locked CPU pack. Let's face it, I will struggle to bench through my Lynnfields so the Clarkdales have to go ? 1 x i5 661, 3 x i5 650, 4 x i3 540, 3 x i3 530. Can throw in a Xeon quad if buyer is interested.  Price: make an offer -> SOLD
  4. i7 7740X. Tried to sell this one unsuccessfully locally so wondering if there's still any interest in the benching scene. Delidded, only benched for CC BCLK stage so no clue on overclocking results but can test on water if that's really important to the buyer. Price: 80 Euro / USD.
  5. FX-74. Unfortunately quadfather board availability is nonexistent, better to let this go than have it gather dust in a drawer. Price: make an offer. -> sold pending payment
  6. 2 x Kingpin "Ney" RAM pots - decent pots but I prefer the Bitspower and EK ones I've got so these are surplus to requirements. Price: 40 USD/EUR each. -> SOLD

Bundling is welcome but beyond a certain weight that will increase the shipping price. Payment via Paypal or bank transfer to CurrencyFair. I have a lot of benching-related stuff so if e.g. you would like a motherboard to match your chips it doesn't hurt to ask.












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