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Uncertainty submitting to GeForce 8100/8200 IGP category


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Haven't posted much in the forums, so I hope my choice of the support subforum is adequate for this type of question.

I'm a little puzzled with a piece of hardware I just tested, in particular an ECS GF8100VM-M5 board.
As the name of the Board and the vendor itself suggest, this seems to be an AM2+/AM3 Board with the GeForce 8100 as onboard GPU.

However 3DMark Systeminfo, CPU-Z and GPU-Z all show the GeForce 8200 and on further inspection there doesn't seem to be much of a difference between the two. Techpowerups data sheets (GF8100 / GF8200) also show no real difference.

Removing the boards heatsink also didn't yield much in terms of information as I can't find anything in regard to the IDs on the NV chip.

While ultimately a minor issure, I figured it's worth asking before I submit my scores to the 8100 category and stand the chance to have them flagged,
since most of the software shows a GeForce 8200, with only the CPU-Z motherboard tab suggesting otherwise.

DSCF0042.thumb.jpg.c66b141631a2c81c392e193ef777f88d.jpg DSCF0052.thumb.jpg.6d9ad76fc41ca08d7f5ea839b972a5f7.jpg 20220815-141806.thumb.png.ebf144745f1daaca272989404a0781d9.png

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I'm wondering why TechPowerUp calls it NVIDIA GeForce 8100 + nForce 720a, since according to this German wiki site about the nVidia nForce 700 chipset series, the nForce 710a and GeForce 8100 should be combined as MCP78V, while nForce 720a and GeForce 8200 should be combined as MCP78S. It seems like the C78 graphics chip is always the same and only being combined with the 710a/720a/730a chipset turns it into the GeForce 8100/8200/8300.

Unless @Strunkenbold has another opinion, put it in the GeForce 8100 category as that is what ECS calls it.

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  • Crew
6 minutes ago, Don_Dan said:

I'm wondering why TechPowerUp calls it NVIDIA GeForce 8100 + nForce 720a

Well its the official name coming from nvidia's driver files. Each of the chips have individual pci ids. So if its detected by GPU-Z as GeForce 8200 it also goes into the 8200 category. But it is strange indeed. Sadly there is no name on the chip. Maybe ECS just put on the board what they still had in stock. 

Anyway the category doesnt matter much as GeForce 8100 / 8200 / 8300 are all the same. It actually makes sense to combine them into one category.


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