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Asus XTU vs normal XTU?


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So sorry if I am beating a dead horse here but I just recently joined the OC club and was using Asus's XTU to overclock my Intel i9-7900x

and then I discovered HWBOT and was not sure anymore what difference it makes of using Asus XTU or just the normal XTU.

Since I have an Asus Rog Strix X299, which one is better or do you guys have a preference?
I guess the normal XTU is more up to date?


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4 hours ago, Leeghoofd said:

Only use XTU 2.0 benchmark plz as it is more stable and indeed up to date

Ok thanks. So I went and uninstalled the Asus Software and installed the latest Intel XTU one.

I went again to advanced and changed the settings to a very safe and working oc.

Thing is, its not adapting. I set two cores to x45 and in CPU-Z I still those cores being at x43 which I have set in the bios.

It did work though previously with the software to override it.

What am I doing wrong or did I miss an option?
I can also for some reason not SAVE a profile.

I press "save" I type in a name and hit enter and its not saving the profile. If I save it again I dont see anything else than "default.

I made sure to run the programm as admin..,,,

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Update: Holly molly. What a rollercoaster.


I uninstalled XTU and re-installed it fresh. It didnt even open anymore. It stopped working completelly.

I uninstalled and installed back the ASUS version and everything is working like a charm now.

It always goes back to the good old saying:"Never change a running system".


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