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I got this in my mail.



An HWBOT moderator, "saltycroissant", has blocked one of your submitted scores. It has marked one of your submissions as 'insufficient verification'.

This was the reason the user gave:

need memory tab


You can view your result here:

If you have questions, drop a message at the forums.

Yours sincerely,
the hwbot.org team

It says my result is blocked , but i dont have access to my result.

The link doesnt show anything.

How can i check my result then ?



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15 hours ago, Leeghoofd said:

Moderator Saltycroissant flagged it, I get these reports in and indeed it was missing a CPUZ memory tab, so I deleted it....

Yes i perfectly understand what you wrote.

But again , this doesnt make it right.

When you say blocked it means blocked and not deleted at once.

I dont know if this is somethings that happens to all as a standard procedure , if it is , it's wrong.

You should give everyone a chance to check the result before it gets deleted.

Now i will always have the doubt if the mistake was mine or yours.


Normally i wouldnt argue with you on this , cause rules are rules , and i always accept rules.

But not a deletion , like this.


Why not allow a small deadline before the result delete ? 

Because we are humans and humans make mistakes.


Wanna take a look at your account and see how many out of rules results you have on-line ?

Did you did it on purpose ? No i dont think so.

It was a mistake.

Did anyone come to delete at once your results ?

No , nobody did !!!



Yes ,i'm kind of mad with this situation , sorry.



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  • Crew

We clean up, sorry if that bothers you... Again it was checked by two moderators, one cpuz was missing, no way to correct this. I could understand if it was just deleted without any stated reason


eg If a verification link is missing we give you time to edit it.


However if we need to go through each properly moderated sub eg 48 hours later we are running behind the facts...

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