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12900k CPU and 4800 memory


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I was wondering if someone on here might be able to answer a question for me.  I have a 12900k which shows a max frequency for ddr4 is 3600, me not knowing you need to match your memory with your motherboard AND your CPU I bought Gskil  f4-4800c20D-32GTES.  I turned on the xmp profile and everything seemed to run alright untill i started playing warzone with some friends.  the Game kept having drops and errors no matter what I did, just randomly.  I finally had a friend suggest tha tit could be my memory tha twas to high ov a bandwitch fo rmy CPU causing instability and so I turned off xmp and ran it at 2666.  Low and behold it was completly stable with no more  warzone crashes.  On to my question, is there a way for me to utalize this memory that I already have or should I just try and sell it and go buy some 3600?  I have tried manually setting the meory to 3600 but I get the same random drops in warzone when I do.

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try  updating your motherboards bios first ( set first all bios settings to default) Which mobo do you have? Can you post bios screenshot here of the voltages and memory timinjgs it sets

it could just be that your CPU needs a bit more SA voltage to stabilize.

Now 4800C20 is pretty neat, it could be the CPU doesn't like it with the XMP settings or that your motherboard just sets incorrect ones... 

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