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MultiGPU and 3090/6900XT moderation

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Im making this thread to explain why most of the 3090/6900xt x2 scores where removed


As we all know Nvidia dropped SLI support  with RTX 3000. The rtx3090/3090ti can still run in SLI in some specific case where its natively implemented in some DX12 games/benchmark. 

For AMD gpu, crossfire support was dropped after the VEGA series, all the other gen only have working crossfire in DX12 games/benchmark where multigpu support was added.


For those reasons running 2 of those GPU's on DX11 and older benchmarks result in only 1 gpu rendering the image. Multigpu categorie on hwbot is for setup where both gpu are used in the benchmark, this also imply that using single gpu SLI profile, or disabling sli/crossfire an re-enabling it only for the screenshot isn't a valid tweak for legacy benchmark. 

This also apply for the newly released GPU and future ones.

In the future, i'll advise ppl first about the problematic scores before taking actions to avoid the bad surprise some of you had this morning.

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