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Submitted some benchmarks with improper screenshots, not sure how to get them sorted out


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I am new to "official" overclocking and using hwbot. I downloaded benchmate and submitted some scores with improper screenshots before I properly checked the rules. I have 4 monitors with the taskbar not on my main monitor, and opened hwinfo instead of cpu-z because it looks prettier in dark mode.

After checking the official rules and realizing my mistake, I re-ran the benchmate runs (and some new ones) and made sure the screenshots had the proper CPU-Z windows, taskbar, etc as required by the benchmark rules but I wasn't able to beat my times on two of them.

So now those two submissions are ranked, but don't follow the rules. My understanding is that they can be moderated/delisted, and my properly done submissions will them be ranked instead. I didn't see the "report submission" button on my own pages, so I am posting here for help to sort it out. Thanks in advance, and sorry for not going through all the rules first!

Links to my incorrect benchmark submissions:




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