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Need help to fix ASUS RAMPAGE III EXTREME booting issue

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Hi there HWBot folks.

I ran into a matter of serious pain of not getting my Asus R3E to boot for the first time.

The problem is when I hit the power button. The cpu light is red (near 24pin power) but does move up to Dram and vga. After sometime the cpu reaches certain heat level and i press restart and the cpu light moves to dram and vga and vola it boots up normally.

What i need to fix that the motherboard turns on itself normally. The cpu needs to heat up and then i have to press restart in order to make it to boot.

Im not on slow boot or any LN2

I have tried 2 Powersupplies. Dozen on ddr3 ram combinations. a range of i7 and xeon processors. No matter what I do i still need the cpu chip to heat up and then press restart to make it to boot.

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I had an MSI board which also did something similar (though I didn't exactly link it to the CPU temperature). Turned out that both BIOS chips were pretty much EOL and the board's dual BIOS setup probably had a hard time working with that situation.

Though there could be multiple explanations, e.g; there's a bad contact somewhere (a slightly bent CPU pin) or just some bad solder and as soon as it heats up (and thus expands) it makes a good contact and your board boots again.

Or another reason might be a bad capacitor which might take ages to charge up and supply enough voltage (though that would normally also result in further instability). Can you maybe check the VCore with a multi-meter while it's stuck ? Depending on the CPU it should be somewhere in the ~1.1V to ~1.3V range.

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Thank you @wutske for your prompt response to my thread. I did replaced the bios chips with another R4E chips that had the latest bios. My first thought was of the lose connection but i do not have any extended practical knowledge for these types of diagnostics / troubleshooting.

The reason to take matters into my hands is due to the fact that the repairer in our country are not strict professionals and mostly end up ruining the hardware to a non repairable state.

I have other hardware as well with issues. The most of them are due presence of humidity in the surroundings.


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