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The official Oldzen RAMvenge thread.

The official Oldzen RAMvenge post-planning poll.  

15 members have voted

  1. 1. With Joy of the Frequency (alternatively: Frequency Parade) and Return of the Hynix stages being settled (2 out of 3), what should be the remaining stage?

    • Parade of the Threadripper (y-cruncher Pi-10b, only use TR4 CPUs, maximum core frequency 4005 MHz)
    • BriSUStol Imposter Prelude (y-cruncher Pi-1b, only use AM4 Carrizo/Bristol Ridge CPUs/APUs, maximum 2 cores enabled, maximum core frequency TBD)
    • Time of the Spy (3DMark Time Spy, only use AM4 Zen1/+ iGPUs, SMT must be disabled, maximum core frequency 4005 MHz & iGPU frequency TBD)
  2. 2. Should the comp be between teams or members?

    • Teams
    • Members
  3. 3. (ONLY RELEVANT IF TEAM COMP WINS) What should point calculation be like member-wise for each team?

    • All stages best submission
    • All stages top 3 average, Parade of the Threadripper (if present) best submission

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  • Poll closed on 05/15/23 at 12:00 PM

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Following this planning thread 

and discussions over Discord, I'm hereby starting a poll that'd put finishing touches on the Oldzen RAMvenge comp. There are still moments subject to change but those will be settled separately.

As it goes, 2 out of 3 stages are moreless decided (Joy of the Frequency / Frequency Parade Oldzen RAMvenge @ HWBOT; Return of the Hynix Oldzen RAMvenge @ HWBOT). There might be slight changes to those but nothing major. The frequency stage will likely allow not only AM4 Zen(+) core CPUs and APUs, but also TR4s and Carrizos/Bristols.

Poll's open until the 15th, please cast your votes

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