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Bios left overs????


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So I decided to try the new MSI Bios 1.40 and it booted faster. However the boost was disabled for the CPU and RAM. I ran XMP 6000 DDR5 with 1.20 bios version. Now I flash back to 1.20 and the XMP will not post. Should I just flash every version to get all the necessary updates piece-by-piece? Or is it possible the latest update skipped some settings?

MAG X670E Tomahawk Wifi is the MB, It's been a while since I have gotten back. I have read the guides and my AM4 is good and booting normally as I need it for work now.  Any suggestions would be great because I've been on this for at least 16 hours. <help>

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Since I'm supposed to know how to do it, I parsed ever Bios even the Betas. 1.30 has more features than 1.20 but more accessories. PBO still the same DDR6000 will boot XMP without a hitch. No voltages modded just F6 from the previous. So I guess is a "tutorial".  So here is what I did.
Unistall MSI AfterBurner, run CCleaner and iObit Advanced system cleaner>driver booster for sata drivers (2006 Windows...really). Went through the reg and tweaked the normal things, page file, disable hybernation, Microsoft Edge. V1.30 I'll stick with until Friday and see what does what.

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Ok so I found out that even if you upgrade the BIOS on the MAG X670E Tomahawk (using 1.40 now) the only way to get the boost(PBC) is to hit F6 and load optimized settings. If you alter anything else DRAM wise the CPU with stay at default 4700mhz. I will contact MSI and find out what's going on with that. So for right now I'll stick with lowering the CPU voltage to 1.32v-ish and play around with the ram timings to see if that triggers it as well. AIDA64 listed my DRAM settings as 30-41-41-97 and also (RC-RFC1-RFC2-RFCSB-WR) at 137-886-481-391-91 which booted fine but caused the same issue with CPU defaulting to the base clock. It's been 10 years and this "turbo" overclocking is new to me. I'd appreciate some insight...but I don't expect it.


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