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elita - Radeon RX 7600 - 15332 marks 3DMark - Fire Strike Extreme


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This one differs slightly from the first submission, since I am using slightly different memory sticks. The first submission was with the Kingston Fury Renegade 6400MT with an overclocked XMP profile, so profile 1 but not at 6400MT, but 6800MT but the same XPM timings, so 32-39-39-80. Yesterday evening I got the new memory stick, with are the Kingston Fury Renegade 7200MT. This one can clock higher, but this also has the same 6400MT XPM profile, so profile 3 has the same timings as the Renegade 6400MT, with 32-39-39-80. Since I don't have 500 companies, sponsoring 1000 motherboards, nor Intel giving a box of 3000 hand selected CPUs, I will have to make do with the one I have. If you look closely, I can "playing" with a hard handicap, because the Z690 Aorus Pro is only supposed to go up to 6200MT/s memory clocks and I did post at 6800MT. With the new memory stick, I was able to go as high as 7600MT/s, but that's not stable. The board starts to limit everything above 7200MT/s, with would be 1000MT/s above factory specifications, on air cooling, no extra-terrestrial space gas, cooled down to below -400°C.
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Ouuuh, that's what that means. Does Benchmate have to be visible too? With Steam and 3DMark open, I kinda run out of screen space to place the windows. That is my bad, I am used to waiting for the result, then I press "compare online". I don't even update my Adrenaline drivers until UL.com says, they are 3DMark validated.

Ouh gpu-z.

Is it not enough that all clocks on my GPU are included in the validation link? You can clearly see, I overclocked the last 3 MHz that were available to max, the power limit to max, fast gpu memory timings and the gpu memory to 2400MHz, also max.

The card is a Sapphire Pulse Gaming RX 7600, which comes with a slight factory overclock, but to be honest, the chip is already pretty much at the limit. The three settings you can adjust are the memory clock, the memory timings from 'default' to 'fast' and the chip clocks at 2700MHz factory default. I merely just slam it to the end of the line. But it always the same gpu settings, everything that I can adjust, goes to max. It does not really significantly improve performance.

My estimates would be in the 3-5%, since the "performance boost" you get from setting the clock from 2700 to 3000MHz, is maybe the last digit. I don't have much use for a bigger card, since most of my games are from the last decade, everything I tried runs just fine. At the time of the early last decade, people were speaking about ray tracing, not using it.

You can check it out here: https://www.3dmark.com/fs/31034205    All the sensor values are listed below the score. Steam updates 3DMark whether I want it or not, so can't "skip" that sysinfo tool they use. Even if you turn off the updates, 3DMark kindly declines to start until you do.

In case you are wondering, for that score the sensor date differs from the settings, because the new gpus are similar to our Raptor Lake CPU, if they have too much to do, they clock down, so the 3000MHz that was set, was measured at the clocks list there.

Those attached files, are the gpu-z setting I always use whenever I may need the gpu for a benchmark. They will always be set the very same way. I made a 'benchmate' profile, where I set up the clocks and the power limit to max and whenever I start "benchmate", the Adrenaline driver used the profile. Since nothing ever went wrong or crashed, there is not much sense in trying different settings. Whenever a gpu may be benchmarked, everything goes to max until the benchmark is done, then back to factory settings.

My games don't require the gpu to be overclocked. And if I overclock the card and start Starfield, I may burn the house down and the neighborhood with it. That's all one can do with a RX 7600.

My most important use is the idle power consumption, which is around 3-5 Watts, which is fantastic. Anyhow, all the 3DMark scores, which list the RX 7600 will be using those settings, all but the first. The first set of test will be to have a baseline.




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Adding gpu-z screens, explaining the settings I made
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