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128GB DDR5 RAM Troubleshooting / Asus ROG Maximus Z790 Dark Hero / Intel Core i9-14900K

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I hope everyone is having a nice evening/day. 

A few weeks ago I bought new components for my PC: 


Intel Core i9-14900K

2x      64GB (2x32GB) G.Skill Trident Z DDR5 6400MHz  (F5-6400J3239G32GX2-TZ5RK)



I know that a lot of people are having troubles with DDR5 RAM, especially when its a 128GB setup but I wanted to test it myself. 

So while trying to install my windows my mainboard already had troubles with the 128GBs of RAM. PC didnt want to start and I wasnt even able to load the BIOS. Got it fixed by removing 2x32GB RAM and restarting the PC. After Windows and some Driver Updates got installed it was able to work with all the RAMs installed. But while checking the RAM Speeds i noticed that it was only running with 4800MHz so I quickly restarted into BIOS and enabled the XMP I profile. Who would have guessed my PC didnt like it and refused its duty. After resetting everything to default again I used the PC for a couple of days without modifying anything since I was busy working and didnt have time to take a deeper look into my issue. 

Couple days later I changed the memory controller voltage to 1.25V and the RAM Speed to 5600MHz, everything else was still on BIOS default. Surprisingly those settings worked fine and I didnt get any erros in Memtest86 nor in AIDAextreme, no troubles.

But as soon as I change the speed to 5800Mhz Memtest86 (moving inversions, 8Bit pattern) starts getting errors after 2 Minutes, Windows boots but bluescreen appears after 1 Minute. 

Same errors occur with 6000MHz at 1.25V or 1.3V, 5800MHz 1.3V.

Any ideas on how to get the RAM running on 6000MHz or more? 


Thank you guys already!









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