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Is this allowed for PCMark 05 and Vantage ?

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  • Crew
technically it's a DDR3 Dimm with ddr3 chips but with a sata interface and a controller.
No, you're wrong. Like I said - I've heard of such a useless device. SteveRo has shown you a link.


If you don't believe - google for IC marking: http://www.samsung.com/global/business/semiconductor/productInfo.do?fmly_id=672&partnum=K9HCG08U1M


And it doesn't have the DRAM chip package either.

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  • Crew

It's one of those dumb journalists that write what they want and claim it "the only truth" :D


Don't believe to journalists and politicians, never. Even datasheets can be wrong while the first guys make their money on lying :)


Why do they have the same performance? One is SATA, the other - PCI-E. Won't the viking be SATA bandwith limited? It's just a regular SSD with uncommon power distribution, no magic at all.

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Hi !


Here are a Benchmark from Revodrive X2 , is ATTO Benchmark for SSD :




Is very fast the Revodrive X2 , is one system with PCIe conecction , and with "intern" Raid included ( 4 Controllers ).

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