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I've been noticing some weirdness with the achievements. I hope this is the right area.


First off, I've got the liquid helium one and I shouldn't. Apparently I hit "L" twice in the dropdown and got the wrong one when I submitted a result on the 9th of April. I tracked it down, and changed it and did a recalculation, but I still have it.


Also, I've only got the 50 points contributed to my team, when I've got about 400 boints. Shouldn't I have the 100 and 300 level versions as well?


I've got over 10 multi-gpu submissions, but while the tracking bar shows progress on the 50 submission one, the 10 submission achievement is blank.


I'm currently rank 635, but I don't have either the top 1000, or the top 750 member achievement.



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