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a strange problem whit a d5400xs

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hey to al off you


i have a strange problem whit my intel d5400xs mobo.

somtimes the fan of the sli chips stop spinnings and my skreen turns black.

it apears onli when i tri to oc it above 4G or whit a lower vcore of 1,5V.

did sombadie els notist this problem.and how did he solve this problem


the specs of the system


2x qx9775 whit zalman 9500

intel d5400xs

1 asus eah 3870 top

4gb kingstone fb-dimm 667mhz cl5

1 WD3200AAJS

1 lg dvd-rom

1lg dvd-rw

Cooler Master UCP 900W

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stil nobady whit the same problem


i have found a other problem.

i instaled 2 e5310 xeon cpu's,

on my tyan i5000xl thos 2 cpu's run @ 2223 mhz max,

but whit the D5400XS it tops @ 2052 mhz even when i set the bios @ 410 FSb whit 1.3Vcore

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