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  1. No problem.thx for clarification
  2. Thx. I am happy thad it's not 256x 4k singel core 😋 it's more Fun 😋
  3. Thé cpu's and board ar desktop parts. About thé ram it's An others thing.so technical it's not alowed 😂 I let thé mods diside tot alowe it or not. This was just to test thé power of the year 2008 😋 real setup for 05 is waiting for action
  4. Its the first run ever of this cpu 🤭
  5. skulstation

    Country Cup 2018 single card Dual GPU stage

    yes plz. #1 no I don`t have one #2 ebay your freand 500$ for a used titan-z #3 retail hw = no bann
  6. skulstation

    The Official Team CUP 2018 DDR4 stage thread:

    this works for me for the cometition. Submission outside comp is working whitout problems
  7. skulstation

    Official HWBOT TEAM CUP 2018 Thread

    thx for clerification
  8. skulstation

    Official HWBOT TEAM CUP 2018 Thread

    Was not plannet to use the sr-2
  9. skulstation

    Official HWBOT TEAM CUP 2018 Thread

    Ar we alowed to use dual gpu's aka 9800 gx2 , 3850 x2 , 3870 x2 , mars Or is DDR4 Stage 7 : 3DMark 11 Dual GPU (3 X GPU SUBMISSIONS NEEDED) the only dual gpu stage
  10. Thx.stil have some room to play 😉
  11. skulstation

    HWBOT ocesports Pro OC / Division 2018

    Divisio IV is for ryzen 7 Division V is for ryzen 3 and 5
  12. skulstation

    mobo cleanup

    soc force received today. big box for one board and alot of paper and co for a safe transport
  13. whil do if i recive your old z170 soc-force