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  1. The missing VALID link Gpu driver not aproved A VALID Futuremark verification link is required
  2. Acording me whit this rule : Only Intel LGA 2011, LGA1366, LGA1156, LGA1155, LGA1150, LGA775, LGA771 or older single CPU sockets are allowed (no other server or ES hardware) It's ok to use xeon cpu's on desktop boards ( singel socket ) Whit the privius rounds i did also use my xeon cpu's and non ware reportet or blocked
  3. Idd whe faild to coordinate and communicate even whit a dedicatet CC whatssap chat outside ower normal teamchat. For me this year CC was hard , but whit alot of fun. it even works a bit as a terrapy and escape from all the .... that happens in the last 4 months For CC 2019 you know me Some dual cpu love limit to socket 1366 and below , even whit a temp / speed / core count limit its ok for me But not gone happen congrats to all
  4. Your best score whil count. And only one score per user whil count on this stage
  5. Thx its build by piotres some time ago , i don't know when. I have bought it from a team mate last year . and til now no regrats
  6. skulstation


    Dam way now and not in the EU 😢 Gl whit sale
  7. Prepped my msi board for the next run. Hope on +5g 😅 edit : hope of +5 is over whit a limit of 103mhz base clock and lower vcore
  8. As a fb-dimm user skulltrail and tyan dual 771 board. Don't mess whit fb-dimm , let it have its own category PS: was not intend to post in here first
  9. Thx The worst part was the first 3 days whit alot of pain, on the first day afterr the incident start walking agen , on the second day i wase at home , and on day 5 first time walking on stairs.
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