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  1. I know when the cpu can't handle the workload , that it while be the limited factor And found that : you need at least 30 GB of free space whit 40 gig of free space i did managed to make a run edit : way to slow for 3x samsung 970 evo plus in raid-0 whit the dimm.2 and a asus hyper m.2 card
  2. on the first day i trayed it. but no go. need more free space. 37 gig free of 700 gig is to low ( daily game rig ) and also complaining about only a two core cpu , when its pure storage way minimum 4 core cpu?
  3. Replied , Asus crossblade sold
  4. acording to the post office, the shipping whil be +60euro
  5. skulltrail set sold : peyment pending
  6. 😝 Why only dual cpu love for amd? 😝 JK you ar the boss man. Good luck to all of you
  7. hallo, is it possibel to re add the nvidia grid card's to the database? thx
  8. update 07/07/2021 : z170x soc force whit i3-6100 sold
  9. Sorry for the delay. Yes the z170x soc force whit i3-6100 is still available
  10. Bump for the rest If I decide to sell my sr-2 set. Will there be any one who likes to buy it? and what price do you like to pay? I think +/-800€ is a fair price for the complete bundle, I prefer to sell it as a bundle The board ( with all the accessories ), all of my xeon cpu's, 12 sticks corsair dominator 2000, 12 sticks of 8gig ecc CPU's are: 2x x5698 ( rare dual core cpu ) 2x x5690 ( six core ) 2x x5687 ( quad core ) 2x x5675 ( six core ) 4x e5645 ( six core ) 2x e5620 2x e5606 1x e5505 1x e5504
  11. I think cpu-z whas not up-to-date whit there name of the cpu back in the day that I run this.
  12. Last Update to add hardware. no more hardware to add !!! KFA2 gtx 1650 EX plus ( 4 day's old ) : 125euro Asus RX550 ( 1 month old ) : 50euro Asus crosblade : 50euro tesla K10 : 100euro
  13. ok , no problem. messenger and co. are for the moment not in use...
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