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  1. Thx mods for the first round, congrats to all. It was hard but whit a lot of fun. Next round plz
  2. sorry to bring up this old thread. somwane whit a coppy of the bios thad like to share it whit me? And knows if it works whit a 7350K
  3. @AutisticChris Yes i used same methode as described in the tread. Whit the SOC-force i did tray other bios than only non-k , i think it was the f20f and f6
  4. I need some help. I have a usb stick thad let me instal it on a giga z170x soc-force ( non-k bios i think ), 7350k not working whit this bios but as soon i install the same ssd on a M8I i have a bsod. what bios it the best to use for xp support whit a 7350k / 8350k cpu on a M8I ? I traid the 0001 , 0019 , 3201 and asus latest bios. all of them no go whit xp on my site whit a 7350k
  5. Love the stock cooler id. And also in for a freq cap on the cpu
  6. I use w7 as os, and have more +21 scores As tweaks i am using the normal things like frech and clean os as possibel , disabel the garbig thad not neded and run as fast as it can
  7. dam this one slip me thro the net. I have a file whit a 9gig core :) no worry have new score ready and whit video
  8. Thx samus2 There is stil some room and time to improve. My tip's : clean os W7 or xp , high mem speed white low timings , high nb ,
  9. Stretching a bit . Not pulling out. You need your arms for other things 🤣 I stil Know what you told me on whatsapp before thé comp's startet " no dual Xeon stages "
  10. if yes i am wasting my time on rex III but i dont have high hopse that we may use it
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