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TechReaction Launch & Phenom II give-away

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Now that I have your attention, listen up folks:


It's your time to react.

A good friend of mine, Alex a.k.a. EnJoY from XtremeSystems just launched his new website called TechReaction, a portal that hosts a numerous amount of highly skilled & "famous" people for their break-throughs and quality work on various sections of our everyday interaction with our favorite hobby, the PCs and overclocking.

What will you find on TechReaction ?

Hardware reviews, news, articles, guides and blogs ( of all kinds ) from overclockers, cooling specialists, system builders & administrators, gamers, such as Dino a.k.a. dinos22 from Team AU, Jody a.k.a. 3oh6 from 3oh6.com, Gautam a.k.a. Gautam from XtremeSystems, Ryan a.k.a. TheGoatEater from XtremeSystems, Bill a.k.a. BenchZowner from BenchZone.com, Simon a.k.a. 64NOMIS from AMD, Brian a.k.a. Chew* from XtremeSystems, RW Keeton a.k.a. CyberDruid from waterputer.com, Scott a.k.a. nikhsub1 the "crazy watercooling guy" from XtremeSystems, etc.

There's also a growing community in the forums waiting for your ideas, opinion and questions.


Last but not least, the folks at AMD provided some cool Phenom II processors for a site launch give-away, visit TechReaction now, meet with wonderful & friendly people, chat about your favorite hobby and get a chance to win one of those fabulous AMD Phenom II processors.


For more information about the AMD Phenom II give-away visit this page



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