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Suggestion for Hardware Master categories

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Here's a suggestion for Rev.4 that doesn't require that you change what you have, just that you add something in addition to what's already there.


The purpose of this suggestion is to create more ways for everyone to compete and to therefore keep old members active and to attract new members to the site.


Please consider adding three new classes to the existing Hardware Masters competition.


The existing hardware masters class is unlimited hardware points with everyone in the same class. Keep that. You can call it the "Hardware Masters Open Class". That class lumps us all together: with novices, air and water folks, extreme cooling, and pros all competing against each other. It's not an even match or an even competition, but keep it anyway.


Then add:


1) A Hardware Masters Professional class with just the "Pros".


2) A Hardware Masters Hardcore class with just the non-pros who use any form of Extreme Cooling.


3) A Hardware Masters Ambient Class just for those of us who use only air or water cooling.


4) Optional - Add a Novice class for folks on air or water who have less than 50 submissions.


This proposal would allow more folks a fair chance of doing well within their own competitive grouping and might keep more existing members active. It could also get more new members involved in overclocking and benchmarking.


The proposal is also good for you and the Bot's corporate sponsors as the more folks we have doing this the more potential customers they have.


If you've ever competed in golf matches or tennis or many other sports you'll see the immediate similarity of creating more classes for more competitors to give everyone a greater chance to do well, or even win, within their respective classifications.




An additional suggestion is to add a Legacy Hardware League for folks with older hardware. You'd need to decide what "older hardware is".


Perhaps anything before the Core architecture for Intels and anything before K-10 for AMD processors.

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