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Sorry to post this here like that, sorry if I'm not in the appropriate section, but jmke has been so childish that I have not choice but doing it: aggressive/disrepectful reply + blocked pm on XS. Furthermore, he told me to post the problem here. Ok, here we go.


Actually, I don't want to loose more time with all this; to be honest I don't care about hwbot (so I don't wanna grab points or something; I don't care about that, but only about justice).


I have been a team moderator for quite a long time now, I asked jmke (who deleted an entry of a guy of my team) to please justify himself and to provide me with some kind of proof (he apparently did so according to something said by SS... ok then, who's SS? why believing what he said?). Is it unlegitimate to ask?


and here's the stuff...


May I ask you to justify yourself mate? Provide with some kind of proof please. Who's SS?






An hwbot crew member, jmke, has blocked one of your team mates ('boblemagnifique') scores. It has been marked as 'incorrect submission'.


This was the reason the user gave:

Hardware sharing, only the OWNER of the CPU can submit scores; according to SS it belongs to http://hwbot.org/result.do?resultId=826916


You can view your result here:



You can find out more about the reporting user here:





Yours sincerely,

the hwbot.org team


If you no longer want to recieve reports of your (team mate) results, please modify your profile:




Ce message entrant est certifié sans virus connu.

Analyse effectuée par AVG - http://www.avg.fr

Version: 8.5.339 / Base de données virale: 270.12.39/2133 - Date: 05/25/09 08:16:00


I think i've been very respectful. Is it too much to expect the same in return? Apparently, it was... :|



and you are?

for all HWbot issues, use HWbot forum.




Hey mate calm down please I could even more reasonability return this question to you.


I'm the moderator of boblemagnifique and pepinorange's team; and recieved this message by email. But do I really need to precise that? Sounds bit too much.


Now, apparently because you're taking it personnaly, I assume the matter isn't with hwbot but with YOU -anyway I do believe this has nothing to do with hwbot-. So that it makes no sense to post this in hwbot forums. Also, you're an adult, right? So I assume that you can reply without eluding questions and being disrespecful, can't you?


Well, I PLEASED you to justify why you deleted boblemagnifique entry? YOU (not hwbot) wrote that boblemagifique used pepinorange's i7 940, didn't you? Then could you please justify yourself? I mean by deleting this entry you acted has being absolutely certain about this fact.


Ok then, could you please tell me why you are so sure? Oh comon, is it too difficult to reply?

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stop the drama.




Asking for HWbot matters to be discussed at HWbot site is not childish

asking who you are because you are not the owner of the score and I have never heard of you is not childish


The whole way was childish. Replying and then blocking you pms quickly after is childish. Period. Sorry to say.


Then, as an hwbot moderator, I hardly believe that with a copy of the email I sent you; it was quite easy for you to conclude about who I am... :) I still feel it hard to believe that it wasn't possible for you to know you I am... but well; nevermind.



oh you mentioned this in your PM on an unrelated none-HWbot site? no you did not. you only said "justify yourself".


Sorry for not having precised that I'm the moderator of bob & pepin's team. I thought it was very easy for you to know that, at least by reading the email I sent you. I mean sending you a copy of this mail was IMHO exactly the same as saying "I'm the mod of bob & pepin's team".



you attacking me personally for a benchmark score is quite disrepectful I do think. asking you to use HWbot site for HWbot related matters and you attacking me here publically on the forums IS disrepectful.


Did I? On common, I've only pleased you to justify why you deleted an entry; nothing about personal attack or something like that. Is it so embarassing for you to give a justification? Then you took it personally. Honeslty, I'm sorry if you took me the wrong way, I've never meant to be rude. Anyway, I'm sorry to say; but justifying what you do isn't insulting.


Stop there mate. I had no choice, you let me no choice by blocking your mp on XS... What happening isn't my own fault. A simple reply on XS would have avoid everything. If I posted here is only because you didn't let me replying on XS.


tell somebody through PM on another site to "justify yourself mate" without mentioning who you are is far from pleading.


I guess I've already reply to this.




PERFECT! That's exactly what I asked for... Thanks! :)


now can you start acting like an adult? and don't take thing personally.


you took it personally mate. That's what you wrote.



than you should now that Boble's score was reported back in April already and popped up in your moderator queue list http://www.hwbot.org/profile.moderator.tools.do you should also be aware that a team moderator tries to work things out at HWBot site; not at an unrelated site. XS is not the site of "(Union Francophone Hwbot)"


No I didn't know that cause they both bought several 940. So it was unclear to me which CPU it was.


Don't care about writing you here or on XS; I just tried to contact you and XS is where I'm use to spend more time. I don't see where's the matter... really.

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doesn't prove anything about who are what you are, I can't smell that anywhere.


Humm ok then. I was sure about the contrary.



it does help if you actually write that down in PM to avoid confusion; I don't know who you are, so an introduction is nice.
to somebody who introduces himself, no problem.
no it does not avoid anything. you didn't say who you were, and why you were addressing HWbot issues outside HWbot site;




uhm, this thread is living proof you took it personally.


You aren't talking about the same thing. Actually, it's more likely a growning in feelings: you took it personally, using a very personal way to react, and I took your reaction as something personal.


quote me where I "took it personally" ?


You're playing with words, aren't you? lol "you attacking me" is what you wrote... Anyway, by blocking your pms on XS is probably what witnessed the most about your feeling.


I do care, that's why I replied to you: go to HWbot forum. for all I know you are using another name here at HWbot then at XS.


Wrong. I'm using the same name.


all I know is that you're the first person to make a DRAMA out of nothing.


Nothing about drama; no need to take big words; I've asked you a question, you eluded it, blocked me from being able to reply. That's all. Then, I've done what you told me to do; I've written it here. But again, it would have been far easier to just show me the screenshot before... Let me do it... "May I ask you who are?" if you really didn't know me. "I would have reply; "I'm the moderator blabla"; and you would have shown me the screeny... and then Eureka! woa Everything could have been kept private, whitout any hard feeling.


Here's how a normal person reacts


Why do you feel the need to insult me?


if you had bothered to check out that score yourself you would have seen it without ever needing to "contact". for somebody who just wants "justice" and doesn't even check the score he's asking justice for... makes a strong case for team mod...




I've checked it and here's what I saw.




Perhaps it's all about misunderstanding.

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who cares? the point is that you didn't introduce yourself to me , and out of the blue demanded justification of my actions at HWBot. I disabled PM for none-friends to avoid any future issues like this, because frankly , this is one is waste of time for both of us:p


We agree on the time wasting. But I do believe that the amount of wasted time wouldn't have been that huge if you simply accepted to talk on XS.



eluding the question would have been: NEVER REPLYING TO YOUR PM AND DISABLING PMs. Eluding is not replying and suggesting you please address such issues at HWbot.org site.


Eluding is the appropriate word.


I don't feel the need to justify my actions at HWbot to a stranger who contacts me through a forum on an unrelated site; who doesn't bother introducing himself.

"hello I'm a team moderator for team xxx and i received this email from a blocked score" hard ey? Wooooaaa


Already replied.


idem. you started this thread attacking me. i was not personally attacked by your PM at XS despite what you think or keep repeating.


Idem; quoted; etc. Useless to continue this way.


than you should now that Boble's score was reported back in April already and popped up in your moderator queue list http://www.hwbot.org/profile.moderator.tools.do


don't think you did, otherwise we would not be wasting mysql space like this.


Generally speaking, I really don't care about hwbot. I'm just doing the minimum because I've been the mod for a long time. I've recieved an email about a deleted score and I've simply asked you why... but apparently it was too much.


If you agree, I think we can stop here as it'll go nowhere.

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Jmax was reported my score but it's just a "revenge" because a member of ufhwbot blocker had one scores of his team ... It's stupide but it's french atitude surely :D


I have a Take 2 pcs of 940 B0 , i have buy one pc and i have test under Caskade , finaly i have sold my pcs and the others pcs at Pépinorang ;)




i have prefer don't test the pcs of LN2 because i have sold quickly after the test (1 week) for when Pepi test a make a great score with it (he test after 2 month on LN2 with different motherboard , mémory and graphics cards then me ...)


But i think to authorize to sell CPUS at a others guys of a same team , no ? because i think it's blocked so screens of many people here ...


but it's ok for me , i have make a better scores with this benchmark ... but please contact this person directly if you haven't sur ;)

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@boblemagnifique: I wonder why you included that "CPU by ....." in your screenshot (SS) if you had not done that, there's wasn't much to go on; so thank you for your honesty, but at same time, why submit the score in the first place? :D



if you can prove that a team is sharing the same CPU for multiple members, then those double scores must be blocked; doesn't matter if they sold the CPUs or lend them out at the end of the ride.


Because I think that having paid and resell the same cpu has a friend who is in the same team were allowed (to simply :P)

To lend , i knew but to sell no sorry


I think it should be really clear because many people will sell the same cpus on the bench for the same team ;)

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then you have no business being a team moderator. and shouldn't have PM'ed me in the first place. It's my right to answer/redirect PMs; you took it personally, not my fault or issue. you failed to properly identify yourself; so you created this issue yourself. then come complaining here about how you don't care about HWbot but still see the need to go name-calling. case closed.


Why continuing then if you feel it closed? I offered you to stop but you still blindly continuing.


So let's dive again into it...


It's my right to answer/redirect PMs


Right. No prob with you rights here mate. It would have been easier if you simply replied to my question at the beginning.


you took it personally, not my fault or issue.


Wrong. You took it personally, and replied consequently; blocking me. Then it was my right to reply.


you failed to properly identify yourself; so you created this issue yourself.


I've already written this couple of times; I thought that sharing the email I recieved was far than enough to show who I am. The truth is that I didn't even think about that, it was so obvious in my mind. Again, it's hard for me to believe that it wasn't possible for you to know who I am. I don't think regular team members recieve moderation related emails.


then come complaining here about how you don't care about HWbot but still see the need to go name-calling. case closed


I'm not complaining about hwbot in any way. What I meant is that I don't care about points or something related to hwbot rankings; and that I didn't try to grab points. I JUST WANTED A REPLY. Is this so hard to understand?

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(selling CPUs to a team member is allowed, I'm 99.9% sure I asked about this when the HW sharing thread was active. Still, if that rule is abused - like selling the chip to half a dozen team members - it will still count as HW sharing.)


Well, as far as I know bob is the one who gets the right contact for ES chips -> he grabs ES buying them on his own -> he sells them after testing, not only to team mates -here to pepinorang but it could have been to someone else actually.


Situation here is quite uncommon cause if I correctly understand what happened, bob tested this particular 940 prior to give it to pepinorang but has already chosen it to be the one he'll send him. So is it HW sharing? It's debatable, isn't it?

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