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Rbuass - GeForce GTX 580 @ 1404/1271MHz - 11116 marks 3DMark11 - Performance


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Hi Honda!

I did try my best...but i think will be impossible to get better.

I did have lots of issues with this card...

I know i am so far your amazing result.

Keep pushing....


P.S. i have no one lightning in my country... no chance to MOA

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I did have lots and lots of issues with the RAMs.

In the transition from 3D to 2D (Physics test), the RAM voltage down suddenly (1.88 to 1.33V), causing filled with artifacts and crashes the system.

I could only bencher between -120 and -130 degrees, because even using the hair dryer, no time to warm memories.

We got to pass at 1450 Mhz game several times, but every time the RAMS issues blocked the result.

In the next section I will try other alternatives.

I do not think this board has awarded a Golden chip, but is classified as a good one (not the best, but has a reasonable performance).

Below, the pics of the card






















Thats a good result

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