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  1. rbuass

    Some scores from me was deleted

    for the information. best wishes
  2. rbuass

    Some scores from me was deleted

  3. rbuass

    Some scores from me was deleted

    Hello I'm not very active from. some time, but I noticed some good scores was deleted. I was looking for my GTX 980ti Fire Strike Extreme (its just one example), and it's not there. So I noticed I lost some nice good scores from. the past. I will appreciate if you can help. Best wishes
  4. Well, if is unfair with a new members, no. To win a competition, imho, is jus a goid prize and don't need to be in the ranking. Best wishes
  5. rbuass

    A results of mine disappeared

    I appreciated. Thank you guys. Best wishes
  6. rbuass

    A results of mine disappeared

    Just in case, you have doubt, we made alive. The Catzilla World Record 720P I did not find yet, but is also the World Record. I will appreciate if you can put back in the ranking, because there are lost 2 WR. Best wishes Thanks
  7. rbuass

    A results of mine disappeared

    My two World Records of Catzilla with GTX 980 Ti disappeared. The benchmark is the Catzilla 1040P and the Catzilla 720P. I went to look at my results of Catzilla and no more in the ranking. Please check Ronaldo
  8. We, from TecLab, got a GTX 1060 chip and "reimplantation" in a GTX 1070 HOF PCB. So, we did the same with the Samsung Memory and flashed to GTX 1060 HOF GOC BIOS. Next video we will complete with some scores and add the procedures in the BGA station (that's all registered in videos). Best wishes.
  9. rbuass

    The failure in 3Dmark still remains

    Some people prefer to keep this way. Maybe was better to keep the secret and post a crazy scores powered by LOD.
  10. rbuass

    The failure in 3Dmark still remains

    I do not care what one or the other might think, but the fact is that if someone can use, everyone should be able to. What some think they "think they know" or do not know, likewise, does not matter. The fact is that Pasi did talk to me that they are working to fix that issue, and considered important, and we of the Galax team had already reported. The same "mimimi" happens few time ago We show that decreasing BCLK, could affect the RTC, and that time some people have attacked us for it. Few days after, they changed the System Info because they understand that is a failure. Neither do I care, I have not participated in rankings, but done overclocking to get good scores and teach overclocking for others. Some people do not like sharing what they know, you can be sure, it's not my case. Before I was very active in Hwbot, but for a long time I did not participate in rankings. While on the one hand some of them remain whining about these results, on the other side, many people are grateful and happy to learn how to use tweaks like LOD. best wishes
  11. rbuass

    The failure in 3Dmark still remains

    I don't think is necessary to remove your scores. Validation I mean is just for Futuremark. Also, in the past, all that benchmarks used a lot of LOD (01, 03, 05, 06, ... ) it's for the newers. The video intend to bring to anyone that don't know the tweaks, how it works, and sure, show that Futuremark validation should be failing from a long time. Best wishes.
  12. Well, I have posted this topic in "benchmark results" but should it's not the right place. Just to inform that few days ago, Futuremark annouced the new updates, in order to fix some issues and to prevent validation issues (LOD). In the truth, the problem was not fixed, and still remains as you can see in the video. ""if you want the video plz look for it"" Best wishes.
  13. Hello Sir!


    I have posted a topic in Result Discussions and was removed.

    Regarding the new "fix" of 3DMark (Time Spy) validation, nothing changed and still possible to use LOD.


    Thanks for reading