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  1. Power limit block more performance. However it's a very strong card. Keep pushing, my friend, you are the best 👍
  2. Hi mate. I was surprise that the chip have no Coldslow or coldbug, so we can run Full Pot. For other side, that's easy to brake the Power Limit, and also to do voltmods to push the card (take care, because it's 2 s rails for GPU PWM and one for Vram, same PWM), so you need to change voltages separately for the two rails. The problem is that the card has only 16 phases, just 2 for the meemory and it's not an overclocking card, but a gaming card. Also we noticed a a big ripple (added capacitors to help) and limited chip (chip didn't like voltage, even under full pot). Maybe do something more radical to go further and also LLC mod (voltage drops a lot under load). But it's a quite impressive and funny bench session. Best wishes
  3. I don't think people need to fight or challenge because opinions are different. Ny topic was posted exclusively because I feel that HWBOT, that's the overclocking house, need to find good ways to grow and keep the power of overclocking. I don't like to see abandoned page, and absolutely most of old school overclockers. Let's teach people, share nice OC things, introduce new benchs,.... ramake a little bit, AND SURE, keep also the beloved old stuff. I think we all can brainstorm and find nice solutions for all. That's just my opinion. P. S. GTAV benchmark is very nice, but score is impossible to analyze to ranking. But Metro have a very good bench. Tomb Raider... The Division... Who knows, a separate gaming league. For sure will help the interest for many people and we con fo it separately to not affect official benchmarks (if the administrators agree). Best wishes
  4. I still think Overclocking brings a lot of interest, at all levels, from overclocking to improve the game experience or to sports overclocking and extreme. As example we made a Live Stream tthis week, without any ads, opening the extreme overclock suddenly, and reached more than 20K views and less than 1% rejection. http://prntscr.com/ufs52u We need to have overclocking teaching how to overclock, tutorials from many of them, sorted. How are tweaks, how should we run Time Spy, GPUPi, Hwbot X265, Superposition, etc? How to configure the BIOS of the platforms? How to tighten the memory latencies and increase their frequencies? How to insulate the equipment? Show that overclocking can be fun on eccentric platforms, freezing a simple radiator with normal ice, using dry ice, changing a heatsink and a fan to improve the results, creating cooling solutions to improve performance, etc. How to squeeze the max of the hardware that each one has. And as I said, just my suggestion, include the gamer community that is very large and can love to improve the performance of their PCs, with ready gaming benchmarks already present in some games (even if it is in a separate ranking type, just as it could be the Legacy, Gaming, Extreme benchmarks, etc.). There is no ready formula, but adaptations. Nobody else will be interested if they need to do maneuvers to install and use Windows XP? Okay, we'll have a league and its results for those who like it, and I personally think Spi32 is the most technical benchmark 2D and love it. Don't want to mix with the gamers scores? We make benchmarks separate from traditional. If we need to keep the CORE that is the Overclocking of traditional benchmarks? We will then give value to them, updating the results, encouraging people to do it. I think there is a lot to do, as our colleague Leeghoofd explained in the other topic and that is the way. And in my opinion, it is not true that overclocking is death end, or because is all ready. There is a lot to be done to squeeze the max of the hardware, which today is much more sensitive. From simple efficiency to be taken from the frequency / temperature / voltage with dynamism never seen before, to voltmods and protection breaks for the most advanced levels. The worst way to take is to give up. That's my two cents only. Best wishes
  5. Thanks for sharing. Very helpful. Best wishes
  6. Wow..... The best hard overclockers recommend to avoid gaming benchmarks.
  7. Nice to know some people thinking like me. Best wishes my friends. If there are something that I can help, just let me know. Ronaldo
  8. Hello my friends from Hwbot! First all, sorry my broken english, but since it’s not my mother language, I will do my best to be clear. Some people already know me, I have a lot of time on Hwbot and I have been very active in the rankings in the past. However, I am sad to noticed that an activity that we are passionate about seems to be being abandoned. Really for me, it is not very important the ranking, but for many people, especially for newcomers, Hwbot, the Worldwide League is the place for reference. I don’t like to see Hwbot only as a “overclocking database”, as Ripping Org in the past, but a place where overclockers change experiences, friendship, teach each other and pursuit the hardware limits. So I would like to share my personal feeling, which I know are not unanimous, but with all due respect to those who think differently, I would like to share. I believe that Hwbot should update itself, with some new stuff in order to bring more interest to the giant overclocking community around the world. The news is not updated, just go to the first page and we will see the site with old news. We could have really cool things to attract people. - Overclocking tutorials performed by overclockers from around the world, on different platforms, that the overclockers themselves share. - To attract great gamer community, news about the performance improvement in enthusiastic systems, demonstrating the improvement of gaming experience. - Tests of overclocking enthusiast under Water Coolers, Hydro Coolers, Aircoolers, showing how good system can perform. - Updates of fantastic results made by overclockers (Last Big Records) - Overclocking in games (see the huge noise that overclockers made around the world just when playing Doom Eternal under extreme overclocking). This is just a few example, but I have also a good recommendation. If we have a “Gaming Overclocking League”, we can add some Gaming Benchmarks and will do a big noise. We have many games with own benchmark, as example of Metro, that’s very nice (people go crazy when we push extreme overclocking to the games). This is one of the many examples we made overclocking in games 5 years ago: This is only my suggestion, since we have a very good experience in Brazil (maybe one of the biggest gaming and overclocking communities in Brazil). If I can also give my opinion about the benchmarks, we also need to keep the “Old School” benchmarks that I love. Spi, 3dMark 01, 3dMark03, Pifast, etc, are very nice benchmarks and I love it. But we have to update, and for example, give more power to popular and actual benchmarks (Port Royal, Superposition, CB R20, etc.) and sure, find a way to add some gaming benchmarks. I think will be very good for the community. That’s only a personal opinion, and not intend to cause any kind of conflict in the community. Best wishes.
  9. He isn't good for RAM, we will try new settings. It goes for 3D. 👍
  10. Thanks my friend! I made a vídeo, where I consider you as one of the best overclockers that inspire to push at limits. https://youtu.be/GmF5Assihu0
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