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  1. Well my friend. I was not be part of this Thread, but I told it's no my decision. For me, both, Extreme and Performance should be valid, because settings are different. Time Spy matter much more CPU than Time Spy Extreme, Fire Strike Ultra has less CPU than Fire Strike and so on. For this reason, in my opinion and since we need to give diffeerent focus, I understand that both should be valid for globals. But as I told you, it's not up to me, but the community. Best wishes
  2. Removed Fire Strike Ultra... Removed Fire Strike... Removed Time Spy... Removed Vantage Performance... Removed GPUPi 1B... Removed Catzilla in the past. Instead to add more benchmarks and keep the old, to have more options. This make all efforts made I made for push good scores, useless, in my opinion. It also removes the desire to fight for good results, because when Hwbot decide, it will be worthless. So many results and so much wasted effort. That's a pity, I am pretty sure many people like me disagree, but I have no power to decide.
  3. Hello Mr. Acch3uS! I would like to buy your CPU. If the friends above not get, I will take. If you acccept Paypal, we can deal easy. I can pay shipping to Brazil. e-mail rbuass@hotmail.com Best wishes.
  4. The loading time to start the benchmark and to show the score is very high. That's the worst update I have seen. Extreme overclockers can't keep many time waiting to run, that's really bad for stable sequence of benchmarks. I like the new way to show information but I'm really disappointed with the very long time waiting. That's only my personal opinion.
  5. Very impressive card, ran 2760 FS, PR, should go 3 Ghz Gpupi. Good job! 👏👏👏
  6. Thanks mate, For sone reason we are experiencing post 0d even in default, and tge only way we can enter in the Windows, is to type ESC and F10 In the BIOS. Weird. Best wishes
  7. What kind of yellow insulation are you using? Looks a very effective insulation. Ronaldo
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