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  1. Well... Off Topic! Time to Time rethink benchmarks that aggregate points. No points for Catzilla Port Royal Unigine Heaven Superposition Cinebench R20 Add points for 3DMARK 01/03/05 Spi And maybe add some gaming benchmarks to bring newcomers.
  2. Agreed, but unfortunately looks for not good IMC. best wishes my friend
  3. Wow! Sad about this.... Looks for many changes. 3DMARK 01 have points, Catzilla not have... 3DMark 03 have points, Time Spy Extreme not have.. 3DMark 05 have points, 06 don't have.. I'm really disappointed, but since I'm not too active in the league, I can't complain. Thanks for the information. Best wishes
  4. Even I deleted and re posted, not change. Catzilla World Record and 3rd place not worth points: http://prntscr.com/n6eqny If you can fix, will help. Best wishes
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