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  1. That was all that was missing. It's been a long time that I don't post results in the league, but also it's been a long time the 3D benchmark has more influence on a good assembly (mounting), not breaking the thermal paste (which needs to be the best and from the best batch), and of course, having a chip gold awarded. But result bug for records is the last. Thanks for sharing.
  2. I would like to do a resquest, to your analisys. There are 2 special benchmarks that I think should be included for Global. One is GPUpi 1B, because will show the highest frequency some graphic card can run a test. GPUpi 32B is heavier, and so, the overclocker cannot run with too high clocks, so is very impressive to see running @ 3 Ghz or more. The second is Catzilla, that's a very nice 3D bench allowed for Global points in the past (2 versions, 720P and 1440P). It would be great to see Catzilla 1440P again on ranking for Global points, since requires very strong performance and tweaks. Just for reference, Allion Labs, I think one of the most important certification labs in the world, uses Catzilla for tests, since will have very strong requests and peaks. Who remember the crashs under Raymark, know what I'm talking about. Best wishes for all overclocker.
  3. No, mate, I consider that you do a great job in the league, Indispensable for the organization of the HWBOT. Sorry if I posted in the wrong place, but I really find these two benchmarks interesting for the reasons I mentioned. In any case, we are a community and I understand that the majority should prevail.,
  4. Crazy benchmark, CPU, GPU and RAM bound. 32 points to the milestone. Good job!
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