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S_A_V - SSD - 795 points AS SSD Benchmark


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Yes, RevoDrive was designed with internal RAID (4xR0 for X2, not 2x), but it performs closer to 1xSSD (up to 700-800 points) than 4xSSD (2000+ points) and it works as single PCI-E unit, that's why I posted it as single SSD. I don't see any AS SSD submissions rules for now and not sure what is better in this case. Try to ask moderators about it. If they consider RevoDrive must be posted in RAID category - I will move it to 4x.

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Ok, i only posted for info @ mods (because there are no rules for now) :D


i think "1X" is only for single ssd. pcie devices are all raids of more controllers and so 2x, 4x or 8x.




Revodrive uses Internal Raid 4x.

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revodrive and revodriveX2 is a single drive,


how the internals are doesn't matter.


CPUs are single cpus but the internal amount of core matters for ranking in multithreaded benchs ;)


Should be the same with SSD imo, as it's for cpu/graphics cards


EDIT: As massman told me

we don't have that support yet

for multi-'core' disks

Edited by Christian Ney
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single cpu - number of cores

single Revodrive - number of internal 2 or 4


so should it be with single drive - number of controllers internal then.


A single drive RevodriveX2 still doesn't compete to 4x ssd on a raid controller or onboard.


^^ so under this definition an ioxtreme iodrive is a single?


^^ what about a softraid of 6xacard with iodrive?


So many variations.

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