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Correct result has been flagged

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This is a 1950 XT, and the result is in the right category. GPUZ misreads Memory as DDR4 and the clocks- but someone who knows about VGAs would know that there whwere no CF 1950 cards with 256MB and no 256MB DDR4 cards- If someone doubts the result- look at my AM3, because of this I have added an everst screen- I want thsi result to be acknoledged- if G80 is afraid of loosing points he should bench better and learn more about hardware, then he would not have to report correct results

P.S. I just improved the score, this time I added two GPUZ(still misreading) and Everest GPU(which shows the 1950XT 256MB correct)- so I hope the issue is solved

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I'm not afraid of loosing points, but this was very strange score, look like X1950XTX CF.

Strange that GPU-Z is wrong. I doesnt have this problem, but ok.

But ok everest shows right.

Peace. :D


EDIT: Next time try to use GPU-Z 3.3 ors, it might help.

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