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question on GPU-z showing multiple different cards


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Just a question for future reference.

Say you are running a x500 gpu and gpu-z shows x500/x300 as the card name. I assume you can only submit the results as an x500 correct? Could you run the x300 and post as an x500 being a less powerful card? How do you safeguard against this?


Reason I ask is Im a lazy bastard and dont want to switch my WB from my fx3400 to my fx4400 if at all possible lol

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Q1) Yes correct x500 only

Q2) As you probably know, there are other things in GPUz that distinguish the card from an x500 and an x300 - like speed, memory, ram type, bus length etc. So if you post in the wrong area, and people are competing in that area, they'll notice you've put it in the wrong category and it'll be flagged and moved.

Q3) Vigilance of people competing in that area.

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